How to Choose the Best Apple AirPods Alternatives 2019
Fri, 02 Aug 2019 01:28:47 GMT

Smartphones without a headphone jack have become a trend design, so wireless Bluetooth headsets have become a popular standard. Apple AirPods is the world's best and most popular Bluetooth wireless earbuds. But it is not cheap. If you are looking for a best airpods alternative cheap, here are some tips that fit the budget wireless earbuds.

1. i9s TWS is close to the real AirPods

Like most wireless earbuds,the i9s has a lightweight case that doubles as a charger. The earphones fit your ears and don't cause any discomfort when worn.


Sound: Almost as good as real AirPods

The exterior design of the case is the same as the design of the AirPods

Short coming:

Airpods vs Alternatives: i9s Earbuds cannot be used alone

No wireless charging

2. TicPods Free - Airpods Alternative Best Buy

As a true wireless headset, TicPods Free is designed is similar to AirPods.

The charging box is equipped with a pair of earbuds. The charging box of TicPods Free is a capsule type. The earphone can be charged in the box and the earbud will connected to the mobile phone automatically when open charging box.

The earphones are in-ear style, and the overall body is thicker than AirPods. Adopting the "beansprout type" design, the ear part is made of silicone material. The back of the earphone is the same stripe texture as the charging case and this part of the texture is also the part of the earphone that supports touch. This is the best wireless earbuds for airpods alternatives.

TicPods Free Review:

TicPods Free is connected in the same way as a common Bluetooth headset. When you open the charging box,it will automatically enter the pairing state. As a smart headset, it can also be used with the App. You can check the power status and operation prompts of the headset through the App. TicPods Free supports Android and iOS and feature support on both systems is the same.

TicPods Free earbuds do not have physical buttons. All control operations are done through the touch area on the back of the headphones. The operation is similar to that of AirPods. Double click to play the next one or hang up/answer the call.

TicPods Free also supports the touch slide to adjust volume, which AirPods does not support. This function is achieved on TicPods Free, which brings great convenience to adjust the volume and this is the biggest advantage for airpods alternatives compared to airpods.

On battery use, the TicPods Free single earbud has a battery capacity of 85 mAh and a charging box of 700 mAh. Official data says it can play for 4 hours continuously and with the charging box it can use 17 hours once full charging.

Charging Time vs Apple Airpods:

In charging time, TicPods Free can achieve 85 minutes of use time in 15 minutes of charging.
This fast charging feature is important when you need to go out urgently.

3. Sony WF-1000X Wireless Premium Noise Cancelling Earphones

The WF-1000X is equipped with advanced digital noise reduction technology. The external microphone is combined with the noise reduction engine for calculation and analysis to produce high-precision reverberation sound waves, which can effectively cancel the noise. Turn on the noise reduction function to experience more beautiful music.

In addition to the excellent noise reduction, Sony also hopes to provide users with a better sound quality experience.

The WF-1000X is equipped with a 6 mm high-quality drive unit. The mid-range vocals are warm, natural,clear, low-frequency, powerful, and rich. I think it is the best true wireless earbuds for running because it can reduce the environmental noise.

Of course, this Sony wireless noise cancelling earphone is more expensive than other airpods alternatives. But buying this earbud as an airpods alternatives is still cheap.

4. Anker Zolo Liberty+ Wireless Smart Headset

Featuring a split-independent design is similar to AirPods, Zolo Liberty can use for 3.5 hours in a single full charge and comes with a portable charging case that provides an additional 48 hours of backup power.

Zolo Liberty+ uses Bluetooth 5.0 standard, not only compatible with Apple Siri voice assistant,but also support to Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Microsoft Cortana. The pairing process is as simple as AirPods.

The Bottom Line:

From the recent situation,Apple's September conference is likely to not update AirPods and there is no more information about it on the Internet. If you want to wait for the latest airpods and you are short of a airpods alternatives for iPhone, earbuds above are your best choice from GEMWON.

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