How to Buy the Best Wireless Car Charger 2019

As more and more in-car electronic devices enter the eyes, we must consider whether it is safe and efficient when purchasing. Here is a description of the best wireless charger car mounts for your phone, I hope to help all car owners.

Part 1: How to Choose the Best Wireless Car Charge Your Smartphone

1. Select wireless car charger with overload protection

The reason why the car charger needs overload protection is because when the output current is over and exceeds the normal output value, the life of the wireless charger component will be shortened and resulting in damage or even burning. Therefore, the car charger used in the car must have overload protection.

2. Choose a cell phone holder for car

The input voltage of the car charger is basically 12V-24V, the output voltage is 5V, and the output current is about 1A-4A.

The general-purpose car charger is 12V. If it is a special model, you need to select the corresponding voltage standard. There are a lot of car chargers that can already meet the 12V-24V standard, which is suitable for all car models.

best wireless car charger 2019

3. Choose reliable brand of car wireless charger

Quality of reliable brand is guaranteed and safe to use. If the phone is charging while providing navigation, the low-quality charger will not only provide normal charging but will drain battery quickly.

Part 2: How to Use Wireless Charger for iPhone/Android

1. Insert the car charger into the bottom of the car cigarette lighter and output DC power through the standard USB port.

Since there are two spring pieces in the car lighter port to fix the cigarette butts, when the car charger is inserted into the cigarette lighter, it should be inserted from the track next to the spring piece, and can't reverse the spring piece, otherwise it will damage the car cigarette lighter and the car charger.

2. Connect the USB cable to charge for mobile phones and pad. Before connecting the device, pay attention to the output current of the wireless car charger. Some car chargers do not support the charging current of the tablet.

Part 3. GEMWON Wireless Car Charger Review

This Car Wireless Charger Mount for Qi Android Smart phones, Samsung Note LG Nexus is the top seller in Amazon from GEMWON.

gemwon car wireless charger

Five Protection Functions:

This wireless charger is customized with over-current, over-voltage, high temperature, short circuit, overcharge protection function.

Safe and Fast Charging:

With the smart built-in chips, the charger is self-adaptive to multiple devices’ required currents. Make sure to charge your phone safely and rapidly.

Wireless Connection:

Easy to connect your Qi enabled device, just put your phone on the charging mount then it will work automatically.

Flexible to Adjust:

The Wireless charger can be turned for 180 degrees, you can adjust it to a suitable angle and screw the knob.


This charger is designed for the devices that support Qi wireless charging with a Wireless Receiving function, like Qi Android Phone, iPhone X/8/8 plus/Samsung S6/S7/Note 5/LG G3/G6/Nexus 4/5/6/7!

I hope this post about purchasing rated wireless car phone chargers can help you buy the most suitable items for you.For more car electronics products such as car wireless charger/car driving recorder/OBD tools/car headlight bulbs please refer to GEMWON.

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