How to Fix Outdoor Solar Lights Don't Work
Mon, 22 Jun 2020 06:55:22 GMT

The best way to decorate lawn or garden lighting is to add some solar lights. Adding a little light to the lawn at night, used to illuminate the sidewalks in the garden, solar lights are the best choice. In some cases, your outdoor solar light may stop working. There are tips for my outdoor solar lights are not working.

Why do Solar Lights Stop Working?

1. The light source is damaged

The light source is damaged due to some reasons, which leads to the situation that the solar light system stops working.

Solution: Repair or replace the light source.

2. The solar panel is damaged

Connect a multi meter to test the voltage of the solar panel without any load. The general system operating voltage is 12V. Only when the voltage is higher than 12V can the battery be charged. The solar light cannot work or the lighting time is not long enough.

Solution: Replace the solar panel.

3. The positive and negative poles of the battery are reversed

The solar garden light will only light once after installation, and the solar garden light will no longer be able to light up when the battery runs out.

Solution: Swap the positive and negative poles of the solar panel.

4. Damaged battery

Connect the multi meter to test the voltage when the battery is not under any load. If it is lower than 12.8V, it indicates that the battery is feeding, the solar light cannot work or the working time is not enough. At this time, we need to use the charger the battery. If the battery cannot be charged, we need to replace the battery with a new one.

5. Solar Light is Experiencing Water or Precipitation Buildup

There may be water or residue in the head of solar light where all the wiring is located inside. You can check whether the problem is internal by removing the light head from the pillar,wall or dock fixing frame. Unscrew the metal or resin board, and then remove the board from the base. Please make sure that the solar panel is free of any debris, such as leaves, branches, dust, etc.

How to Choose Solar Lights for Your Yard?

Buried Solar Power Light Under Ground

High-quality stainless-steel design and bright

8 LEDs, each LED light bright put on your path to get colorful and safe.

Easy Installation

Out of the box, easy to use.

Because there are no wires.

Run entirely on solar energy.

Open in the dark and close at dawn.

100% Solar Energy

The battery can recharge itself all day.

Don't worry about rain, snow, frost or sleet. The rugged ABS plastic structure makes the longest service life of any LED light on the market.

Solar Garden Lighting 4 seasons

Let these classic solar outdoor lights illuminate your beautified garden in winter, spring, summer and autumn. These LED solar lights use sunlight to illuminate your garden at night. Not only will your garden become beautiful, but solar lights can also provide you with additional safe.

This set of 4 solar garden lights is to outline your garden path, the entrance or highlight the outline of the garden.

Solar Outdoor String Lights

These Outdoor String Lights are ideal for year-round decoration. White or multi-color LEDs can add light to any house or landscape without using long power cords or electricity bills.

The included remote solar panel only needs to power the LED lights for up to 8 hours under steady or flashing lights. Suitable for your lawn, terrace, garden, courtyard or any other place that needs energy-saving and environmentally friendly lighting.Weather-resistant, automatic opening at night, charging during the day,including clips and pile frame.

The above is what to do with broken solar lights. In order to ensure the normal work of solar garden lights, regular maintenance and inspection of solar garden lights is essential.

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