How to Fix a Drone That Won't Fly
Thu, 16 Jul 2020 03:39:50 GMT

I just got the drone a few days ago, but I have been very busy, so I can't watch how it works. But today I finally had time to take it out, but it did not take off. How to fix drone not flying?

With more information about what happened with your quadcopter and why it is not flying, we could be more helpful.

Why is My Drone not Flying?

Low Power

Make sure the flight battery is fully charged. If your drone has a battery monitoring system, the flight controller may not work when the flight group voltage is below a certain threshold.

To do this, try several steps:

Remove the battery and put it back

Put the battery in the charger,and then check whether it is charged

Check the battery status on the controller screen

Replace with new batteries

Check the battery and connector for damage

Make sure the battery meets the specifications of the original battery of the quadcopter

Check Drone Flight Axis

Check all props for damage and debris (like string) around the shaft, and arrange the propellers in the correct order. Propeller installation requires a certain turn to create the necessary airflow to actually lift the quadcopter into the air. Therefore, if these conditions are not met, your drone might start but won't take off.

Compass and IMU are not Calibrated

Have you tried calibrating the gyroscope? Turn on the drone and place it on a horizontal surface, I believe it moves down and right at the same time (may move to the left, depending on the manufacturer). Hold it and watch the LED on the bottom flash. Once it stops flashing, it should be calibrated. If the gyroscope calibration fails, it will not fly.

Please follow the calibration procedure of the flight controller to ensure that the compass and IMU are calibrated before the flight.

Poor GPS Signal

The GPS antenna is shielded or disturbed by electromagnetic. You need to remove the shield, away from the interference source, and place the aircraft in an open area. In addition, the reason for this situation may also be that the GPS has not been powered on fora long time, the distance between the local and the last GPS positioning point is too far, or the microwave power switch is turned on before the UAV positioning.

At this time, you can try to turnoff the microwave power switch, turn off the system power, and turn on the power after 5 seconds to wait for relocation.

Warm Up Flight

It is found that the quadcopter cannot fly, please wait a few minutes to see if the situation has changed. Some drone models require some warm-up before take off, which often happens in cold weather.

Physical Damage

If there are any damages to the drones (such as internal components), for example, if they are wetted or damaged in any greater way, they don’t take off. Then, you may have to find a professional who knows how to repair the drone.

Ground Console Cannot Receive Data

Check whether the connector is loose or not connected, click the link button of the ground station, whether the serial port is set correctly, whether the serial port baud rate is set correctly, whether the data transmission channel of the ground console and the aircraft are set the same, and whether the GPS data on the quadcopter is imported.

As long as if there is a problem,the communication cannot be performed, and then reconnect after checking the correctness. If it still fails to connect after checking, restart the ground console and drone system power.

Drone Deviates from Course

Adjust the drone to fly and maintain altitude without human intervention. Secondly, check the wind direction and wind force, because the strong wind will also cause some problem,you should choose to take off the drone when the wind is light. Furthermore,check whether the balancer is placed properly.

Why is my drone not flying? Just like the drone not turning on, if any part is injured, it may make it can't fly.Drones are precision instruments, and any small changes in components can affect their flight and life. Therefore, we provide a variety of Drone Parts, Propeller and If you have more needs for drones, please contact us.

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