Should I Buy i9s AirPods from Online?

I9s AirPod is a hot sale product which enjoys a wide popularity in the electronic devices market currently.

i9s AirPod is a good quality audio device which can pair with mobile devices with Bluetooth enabled. You can answer any phone call and listen to music via this AirPod. Lots of good features you can find from this AirPod style wireless Bluetooth earbuds, which attracts the users who particularly pay attention to the sound quality.

Good Features of i9s AirPod:

3 hours in the playback session,45 minutes charging time and lasting more than 2 hours long for usage. Moreover, because its charging switch can back earphone and it have the USB charging design at the bottom, the excellent charging detail is perfect enough that you couldn't find any drawback in this product. Replacement guarantee is within 30 days if you find any problem on i9s AirPod you just purchased.

airpod charging design

A great number of AirPod similar products can be seen around you, these Airpod knockoffs are produced by the companies that we have never heard before, but i9s price is at only 8.9$, just because of this, you may be lured to add them to your cart and pay for it without any consideration.

Is it deserved to buy the AirPod knockoff at a low price? You should be aware that the AirPod knockoff products apparently come in different look and different wrapping, but the sound quality is as well as the real one, "Mesh comes with dust resistance" is the key function for all the AirPod knockoffs.

Knockoff Airpods vs real Airpods:

Sometimes, you may spend much money buying a branding product. But finally, you will find that its quality is the same as the products from unknown brand. For fake Airpods vs real Airpods, some features of the real one may become unavailable for the fake one, but the price you should pay for the fake one is far less since the original AirPod and its replica is in the same quality.

Advantages of Airpod i9s TWs:

1. The noticeable feature of i9s AirPod knockoff is its simple operation. It is easy to set up, as soon as you turn on your iPhone, a small window will show up on the home screen of your iPhone which indicates that AirPod style i9s TWS Bluetooth earbuds have paired with your phone successfully.

2.The i9s tws bluetooth earbuds are clones of Apple AirPods, the shape of the headphones and colors, and even the charging case. Obviously, the shape and function are similar to Apple AirPods. For those who like Apple AirPods design but don't want to spend too much money. i9S TWS is undoubtedly their favorite.

The pop-up window also let you know that how much power remains in the battery of your AirPod. Instant pairing of the i9s shows an excellent performance in the earbuds market nowadays.

I9s brings the same comfort as the real one, which does a good help when you are wear it to go running. You can fully enjoy your running without worrying whether your earbuds are loose or not. You don’t need to adjust the i9s in the single time during the running within 40 minutes.

Compared to the traditional earbuds, i9s can extend deeply in your ears so that that the external environment noise can be blocked effectively.

Sound quality plays an important role for any audio device. i9s AirPod assures 100%satisfaction to the listeners who are searching for the wireless earbuds in good sound quality. It's clear and rich sound quality can keep the audio sound in balance, which never makes the listeners feel overwhelming.

When you are answering a phone call via i9s AirPods, the sound cannot be affected even your iPhone is kept in your back pocket.

One to two connections, can be connected to two mobile phones.

Bluetooth headset every time connected to the phone after the shutdown, and then open the Bluetooth headset will automatically connect back to the phone, but also more convenient.

10. Intelligent compatibility: support all with Bluetooth mobile phone, tablet, notebook, singing it, movies, etc., all the mobile phone.

How to connect i9s TWs to iPhone:

Do you know how to use i9s TWS Bluetooth earbuds? Its simple operation adequately enables you to use it in an effortless way.

1. Turn on the AirPods by pressing and holding both of them. After that, the blue lights were flashing in a quick way.

2. Go on to press the AirPod in two times rapidly, the blue light will flash fast along with the red light.

3. Turn on Bluetooth on your Phone and connect it with your AirPods.

bluetooth pair i9 tws

Are you still considering "Should I Buy i9s AirPods online"? Of course, why not? Though there are some differences between the fake one and real one. The distinguished feature and the inexpensive price of i9s AirPod Knockoff is still deserved to invest. Its high quality and stable stereo sound make you deeply experience its high value in your daily life. I9s AirPod is widely applicable to all devices including Android and iOS systems.

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