The Best Cheap Drone to Buy 2019

For most consumers, the most important function of the drone must be assisted photography. If you want to buy a drone to assist photography or recreation,what should we pay attention to? We have the most complete buying guide about the best cheap drone for photography.

best drone to buy

You Should Know Before Buying a Drone:

There are three types of remote-control drones

Mobile/tablet remote control:

At present, more and more drones can be operated by mobile phone or tablet. Compared to traditional remote controls, it has the advantage of being smaller, lighter and easier to use.

However, its shortcoming is that the unstable WIFI signal is connected and the long-distance flight will easy to disconnect signal. Moreover, its operation is difficult, but it is difficult to do precise movements.

Traditional drone remote controller:

The most regular drone is still controlled by a conventional remote controller. Compared to mobile phones, the remote control is more cumbersome and harder to get beginners. However, its signal is more stable than the mobile phone remote control and the remote-control distance is relatively long (the general remote-control range is 100 meters or more). The handheld remote control is difficult for beginners to grasp, but when you are familiar with it,you can do more precise and difficult flight movements.

Watches, voice control:

In recent years, many drone manufacturers have developed a variety of new remote-control tools, but these new technologies are not mature enough and are not stable.

Drone Stability Control:

Many new drones have automatic stability control. When it takes off, even if you do nothing, it will automatically hover at the same height and at the same position. So, even if you don't know how to operate, there is no operational difficulty. This is the best drones for beginners.

However, not all drone can be self-stabilizing. You must meet the following conditions when selecting a drone:

Self-stabilizing outdoors, the drone must have GPS and a barometer;

Self-stabilizing indoors, drones must have visual positioning and ultrasonic positioning.

First Person View:

When we buy a drone, besides paying attention to whether it has a first person view, we must also pay attention to:

Figure transmission distance: Calculated in the open area of the suburbs, the UAV, which is usually operated by mobile phone, has 50-100 meters. The drones operated by the traditional remote control have a transmission distance of about 100-300 meters. More high-end drones can even be as far as 500 meters.

Image Quality:

The clearer the image quality, the more clearly you can understand the dynamics of the flight. At present, the mainstream UAV image transmission quality is 360p, 480p and some advanced UAV scan have 720p HD image quality, it is must the best drone for photography.


The travel drone, the most important function is portable. But the drone is not the lighter the better.

The larger the wheelbase of the drone, the stronger the wind resistance and the better the stability, whether it is flight or photography, it is more secure.

Small drone:

The smaller the wheelbase, the easier it is to carry. But the wind resistance is relatively weak and the stability will be poor.

Flight duration:

If you want to use drone when traveling. You need to pay more attention to the problem of endurance. For larger drones, this means more than 250 grams and the estimated flight time Is about 20-25 minutes. Even the most expensive drones will not fly for more than 30 minutes.

Drone Buying Guide:

Drone beginner player:

XIRO Xplorer 4k: XIRO Xplorer Although the less clear picture and camera lens is its shortcoming. But it still attracts many beginners of drones with its cool appearance, very portable and detachable design. Maybe it's still not as good as Phantom 4, but the $570 pricing and portable design make it the most cost-effective for the beginner drone.

drone remote controller

Large-scale Drone with Camera:

Inspire 1 Pro: It has the most powerful camera on the market. The $3600 price makes Inspire 1 Pro become the most expensive drone. If you want to be the most professional drone photographer, Inspire 1 Pro won't let you down.

XIRO Xplorer 4k

Toy drones for beginners:

If you are buying a drone for your child, it is very important to choose a drone that can be collided. More specifically, it won't be too fast or too heavy, so that it won't hurt anyone when it flies.

Most importantly, it is only used as a tool to practice drones flight,preparing to purchase more expensive drones in the future. Racing Professional Drones without camera is less than $10 that is perfect for beginners to make drone flight attempts.

inspire 1 pro

Drone accessories for beginners:

Gimbal: If you want to take drone for photography, the image stabilizer, the Gimbal is a must. Since the drone often has a large swing during flight, if there is no help from the PTZ, the video will sway. Moreover, Gimbal has a good pan/tilt allows you to adjust the angle to shoot the scene you want.

toy drones for beginners

Triaxial Gimbal: This pan/tilt head provides the best image stabilization, but it is costly and easy to damaged. In addition, due to its structural problems, the drone becomes more cumbersome and difficult to store.

Electronic PTZ for drone: Stabilizes the swinging picture through electronic anti-shake technology, but the anti-shake technology of UAV cameras is not mature and will affect the picture quality.

Finally, If the drone price has a significant impact on your purchase decision, you can refer this article for best cheap beginner drone. If you are interested in high quality video of drone, you need to prepare more budgets,but there are some good compromise options, such as DJI Spark.

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