The best gimbal for dslr 2019

When we take photos or videos with a camera outdoors, how can we prevent the camera from shaking and make a perfect photo or video? So, you need a handheld gimbal stabilizer for dslr to help you shoot anti-shake effect.

best gimbal for dslr

All camera now uses a stable gimbal. So, what is a gimbal stabilizer? A gimbal is a shaft support that can rotate an object about an axis. However, in the drones, the gimbal and the drone combine for photography, and the camera is stabilized on the base of two or three rotating shaft.

How does a camera gimbal work?

Gimbal works like a drone

There is an inertial measurement unit (IMU) on the camera base that reports its direction to the controller. The Gimbal controller controls the motor so that the camera platform is again level.

This action occurs hundreds of times per second, so that even if the stabilizer is working by the wind, the camera will be very stable. The two-axis pan/tilt has stable roll (left and right tilt) and pitch (up and down), and the three-axis pan/tilt has added yaw(turn left and turn right) to stabilize, so It can shoot a very stable video picture, use a good camera gimbal stabilizer even in a very harsh environment.

three axis gimbal

The camera gimbal mount is suitable for all sizes of cameras, whether it is a GoPro camera or the professional camera on the market. To capture beautiful videos that are available, the picture must be stable, so the stabilizer is essential. The photographer only needs to install camera on a quadcopter or consumer drone,and can shoot stable videos and pictures in harsh environments.

Howto use a gimbal camera?

Gimbals are suitable for free movement: Allowing photographer to move freely in the case of universal joints, but because of their light weight and ease of use.

Variety of actions: It takes a lot of time to set up the lens, especially if each lens requires a different camera movement tool. Gimbals allows photographers to get similar shots in less time.

Vertical motion: The three-axis gimbal control is pan, tilt and roll. But they don't control vertical motion, which means that any vertical movement you make -whether it's walking, jumping, etc. it will affect your works.

Balance your gimbal:
There are more important balancing your gimbal. Some operators can use a gimbal without even knowing it wasn't balanced correctly,which overworks its motor and drains its batteries.

balance your gimbal

Vertical adjustment balancing gimbal

By adjusting the vertical balance adjustment lever, you can move the clamp that quickly releases the gimbal head up or down. Adjust the up or down displacement by locking the vertical balance adjustment lever counter clockwise while tightening the lock knob clockwise to fix the displacement.

Tilt knob

When the mounting plate lock lever is locked, the quick release system can release the upper pivot bearing lock knob 360° counter clockwise. Lock the quick release system by locking the tilt knob clockwise.

Horizontal adjustment balancing gimbal

By rotating the panning lock knob counter clockwise, the base can be rotated 360°. Locking the base by clockwise.

Buying guide for camera stabilizer?

DJ has made great achievements in the field of drones, so OSMO is the first handheld gimbal for camera, which is attractive to many photographers and professionals.

Recommended brand:

DJI Osmo Series Handheld Professional Video Gimbals

Design: It consists of a hand-held handle, a 3-axis Gimbals and a 4K camera. It is easy to shoot 4K/30fps or 1080p/60fps video, and 12-megapixel high quality photos.

At the front end of the arm is a stereo microphone and a 3.5 mm microphone port to capture audio for the captured video. If you use an external microphone with a 3.5mm interface, you can effectively avoid the noise caused by the camera's cooling fan and stabilizer motor.

DJI Osmo Series

The OSMO handle is ergonomically designed for a comfortable and stable hand. The user can achieve all the basic functions of angle adjustment, photographing and cameraing with one hand by simply connecting the wrist, thumb and index finger.

After connecting to a mobile device such as a phone, you can not only view the scene in real time through the external device screen, but also set the OSMO. In the automatic panorama mode, the pan/tilt automatically rotates 360° horizontally to take clear photos.

In the panorama self-timer mode,the camera takes a 180° picture centered on the photographer. At the same time,the high-precision pan/tilt allows OSMO to perform long-time exposure without a tripod, and can shoot 1080p HD video of up to 120 frames per second.

Recommended Brand:



Number of axes: 3 axes (pitch,roll, yaw)

Rotation range: yaw: 360°, pitch:280°, rolling: 360°

Follow speed: yaw: 360°/s, pitch:360°/s, scroll: 360°/s

Weight: 4.1 pounds

Size: 23.2 x 11.5 x 10.1"

Load capacity: 8 pounds

Battery: 2400 mAh lithium-ion battery, about 10 hours of use


Q45 Professional Gimbal Tripod Head

Suitable for Canon Nikon DSLR Camera Camcorder Heavy Duty Telephoto Lens

The use of high-strength aluminum grade build, hard anodized surface, wear anti-scratch, texture and beautiful.

Panoramic gimbal head, 360-degree panoramic capture, adjust freely, help you save catch every moment, realize the most beautiful.

With one bubble level for angles adjustment.International universal quick-release plate, comes with 1/4 "screw,suitable for all SLR cameras. 3/8" screw on base for tripod.

Easy to manipulate telephoto lenses,especially large lenses: It can help you to rotate your telephoto lens easily and keep the focus of the entire unit so that you can choose the best angle you like without worrying about the heavy lenses and the stability.

Q45 professional gimbal

GEMWON Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer for mobile phone/Samsung/iPhone with Mounts & Stand. You can shoot beautiful videos and pictures without any professional photography skills, even while walking or running.

As a photography enthusiast or a traveller who likes to travel alone, the easy-to-use and portability of the GEMWON Handheld stabilizer can be put into your backpack at any time.

handheld stabilizer

In the above, I give you a detailed introduction to how to use and purchase camera stabilizers for dslr. The use of the camera tripod can help you better complete the photography work.Whether it's a single trip or professional photography, it must be the best camera accessory for photography.

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