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product name
Dual control colorful hexagon wall lamp
(Touch to change color plus remote control to change color)
Product number BL-01;
Product Size;
Input voltage 5V;
The output voltage 5V;
Output current 2A;
Single power 1W;
Product color White shell;
Light color RGB;
Single socket 6 USB sockets;
Switch way Remote control discoloration + touch discoloration two control discoloration methods;
product weight 58 grams;
product material ABS;
RGB LED lights can change color by touch or remotely. RGB LED lights. Dual control: touch color change + infrared remote control color change two control color change methods; remote control color change method: can be timed for 30 minutes; 13 color buttons on the remote control monochrome; automatic color change mode has three types of gradient, jump, and FLASH; brightness can be adjusted; Touch to change color: Power on, turn on the white light, brightness, and turn off the light regularly for 1 second. Single-point touch: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, purple, white, color jump, color slow change. For the above 10 states, single-point trigger once, switch a color, (long on if it is not off), press and hold the touch button for 3 seconds to power off, and in the off state, press and hold the touch button for 3 seconds to power on. A USB cable can supply power to 6-10 pieces of lights at the same time. Each piece of light has 6 USB ports on the six sides, and the voltage of each USB port is 5V2A.

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