Car Garbage Bag Environmentally Friendly Washable Oxford Cloth Car Seat Back Storage Bag

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Name: Car multifunctional storage bag garbage bag
Colour: Black
Material: Oxford cloth
Product size: 19*48cm
Net weight: 41g


1. Oxford cloth material, waterproof and dirt-proof, easy to clean, can be washed directly, used repeatedly, green and environmental protection!

2. Large capacity, melon peel and fruit shell beverage bottles are all in the bag!
3. The fabric sealing design of the elastic band is fast and convenient when storing things, and the bottom Velcro can be opened directly, which is convenient for cleaning!

4. Fashionable and simple design, can store various items and make full use of the space in the car.
5. Multifunctional, multifunctional car seat storage bag, can place various sundries, such as umbrellas, beverage bottles, water cups, etc., and can also be used as a car garbage storage bag
6. Easy to install, practical and suitable for all types of vehicles!

Installation Notes:
It can be placed in the driver's seat, or hung on the back of the car seat!

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