Car Portable Seat Back Hook

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【Material】: Advanced resin material
【Size】: 100×25×5mm
【Colour】: Black
【Package】: PP bag, blister

【Maximum load-bearing】: 1.5KG

【product description】:
This product is made of high-grade resin material, simple and elegant design, does not take up space. It has a wide range of uses. It can hang items up to 1.5kg, and can also hang plastic bags, handbags, etc. It has strong bearing capacity and is convenient and practical.

1. It is suitable for models with detachable front headrest and headrest rod diameter of 8~14mm. It is installed on the front headrest rod, made of super strong resin material, and the curvature of the product can be adjusted.
2. It can hang plastic bags under 1.5kg or some small things to have a home in the car.
3. High-quality automobiles, exquisite workmanship, exquisite material selection, practical and diversified, are definitely the most intimate high-end equipment for your car.

Instructions for use: It can be installed on the headrest bar of the front seat, which is small and practical.

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