LED Luminous Usb Charging Emergency Multi-Function Remote Control Electric Fan Outdoor Camping Tent Folding Fan

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LED lamp USB charging camping fan product parameters:

Product name: LED light USB charging camping fan
Battery model: 18650
Battery capacity: 5200mAh
Input current: 200mah-1200mah
Input voltage: DC5V 2A
LED power: 0.5-2W
Output power: 1W-6W
Charging time: 6-8H
Working hours: 6-25H
LED switch: three-speed adjustment
Fan switch: stepless speed control switch + remote control

Features of LED lamp USB charging camping fan:
This product has a power indicator display, which can predict the available time; the LED light has three levels of dimming to save power; it is equipped with a remote control, which is convenient to hang at a high place to adjust the wind speed and the brightness of the LED light; it is infinitely adjustable to meet the needs of different moments; The fan head rotates at 270 degrees and can be aligned in different directions for 360 degrees without dead ends; three blades have large wind power, and the brushless motor is quieter, below 23 decibels (30 decibels in the library); USB charging does not require wiring, which is convenient and easy to use. Keep you cool for a summer!

LED light USB rechargeable camping fan product use:
It can be widely used in home places such as desks, coffee tables, sofas, writing tables, bedside tables, etc. It can also be used for car fans and lighting, and tent camping activities!

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