Led Lights Round Human Body Induction Night Light Cross-Border Creative Wardrobe Cabinet Light Smart Home Night Light

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6LED induction night light product parameters:
①Name: led human body induction night light
②Power supply: three AAA dry batteries (the product is shipped without batteries)
③Light source: 6 bright LED lamp beads

6LED induction night light product features:
1. Intelligent light perception, when the light is sufficient, no matter whether it enters the sensing area or not, it will not light up.
2. In a place with insufficient light, when the human body enters the sensing area for activities, it will light up immediately.
3. When a person leaves the sensing area, the sensing light will automatically turn off in about 15 seconds.
4. If people have been active in the sensing area, the light will always be on.
5. Please carry out the test in a dark environment, it will not light up in a bright environment.
6. Please do not install and use it in humid environments, heating pipes, air-conditioning outlets and other hot and humid environments, which may cause abnormal operation.
7. Modern intelligent human body infrared induction lamp, lights up when people come, and goes off when people walk away. It is suitable for every place in the home that needs light, such as wardrobes, corridors, balconies, kitchens, and bathrooms.

6LED induction night light product product testing steps:
① Install the battery horizontally (cover the light with your hand): the lamp beads are normal
②Put the sensor light into the dark box and wait for the light to go out, then move it into the box or cover the lampshade with your palm for 10S, the light will be normal if the light is on.
③The sensing distance of human movement will change according to the ambient light, the darker the light, the longer the sensing distance, up to 3 meters

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