Little Astronaut Night Lamp Desktop Table Atmosphere Lamps USB Charge Cartoon Bedroom Indoor Lighting Warm Light Eye Protection

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Instructions for use
1. For the first use, please plug in the USB cable and activate it
2. Product sleep: press and hold for 7 seconds in the breathing mode, and the product light flashes three times and the product enters the sleep state.
3. Turn on the warm white light: touch the button to turn on the warm white light (warm white light is always on mode. Manually turn off); warm white light brightness adjustment: press and hold this button in the light state to adjust the light brightness.
4. Timing light on: touch the button to turn on the second warm yellow light (automatically turn off in 45 minutes); warm yellow light brightness adjustment: long press this button to adjust the light brightness when the light is on.
5. Turn on the guardian light: touch the heart, this button, the three levels of lights slowly turn on from warm yellow light-blue colorful lights slowly turn on-orange colorful lights slowly dim → purple colorful lights slowly dim → Repeat (automatically close the group at 45 minutes).
6. Sleeping light: touch the high button to four levels of astronaut light breathing (automatically turn off at 10 hours).
7. Sound on/off (only available for sleep aid models)

Sleep sound on: touch the sound button to play a sleep sound, touch again to switch to the next 5 songs.
Sound volume adjustment: Long press the sound button during playback to adjust the volume.
3. Sleep sound off: touch the sound button to the sixth file to turn off the single play for 30 minutes and automatically turn off.

Product material: ABS+PC
Built-in battery: 1500mAh (lithium battery)
Power indicator: flashing (need to charge), red (charging), off (full)
Rated voltage: DC5V
Rated power: 0.7W (8
0.087/LED module) regular version
Rated power: 1w (8
0125/LED module) decompression sleep aid
Rated current: 160mA (regular version)
Rated current: 240mA (decompression and sleep aid)
Product configuration: USB data cable, manual, product
Product size: 129×129×148mm
Packing size: 13.3×13.3×15.5CM
Product weight: 268.5g (net weight) 400g (gross weight)

Package Included:
1Night light
Charging cable

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