Mini Magic Array Iron Man Portable Folding Wireless Charger Vertical Mobile Phone Fast Chargering

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1. Self-contained retractable bracket, which can be retracted as needed.
2. Some mobile phones do not support vertical wireless charging, please be careful if you mind!
3. The wireless charger of this bracket supports dual power ports. Please connect to a single port when using it. Dual ports cannot be connected at the same time.
4. The wireless charging of the Iron Man Bracket can support a maximum distance of about 10mm, and it is recommended to be between 2mm4mm.

Function parameter description:
1. Input voltage: DC9V1.5
2A, if the voltage exceeds this range, it will alarm and stop charging
2. Output voltage: 9V±0.1V
3. Charging current: 1A to 2A
4. Charging power: up to 10W
5. Conversion efficiency: greater than 73%
6. Transmission distance: maximum 10mm, the recommended distance between receiving and sending is 2mm~4mm
7. Standby power consumption: average power consumption is less than 50mW
8. Over-temperature protection: when the temperature is higher than 60° during charging, the charging will automatically stop for 1 minute, and then recharge after the temperature drops.
9. Heat dissipation: There is a hidden heat dissipation hole design on the back, which can dissipate heat at any time, and the whole process is low temperature.
10. Coil: a coil
11. The data line requires a current above 2A

*A little knowledge about some fast charging chargers
Question: What is qc1.0, 2.0, 3.0, 4.0?
Answer: It refers to the charging capacity of the receiving end of the mobile phone, not the concept of a wireless charger. According to different products, the charging power is different, the charging environment temperature is different, and the charging time is also different. The current Apple standard 7.5 watts, in theory, it takes 4 hours to fully charge the iPhone X.
Whether it is fast or not depends on the difference in the settings of the phone itself!

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