New Handheld Portable Fan Hose Creative Hanging Neck Ceiling Fan USB Rechargeable 1200mah Battery Silent Mini Fan N2

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N2 hose creative hanging neck fan USB charging portable handheld silent mini fan

Product parameter
Product name: Creative hanging neck fan
Product color: green, white, pink
Power: 3.5W
Input voltage: DC5V/1A
Built-in battery: 1200mAh (18650 battery)
Voltage working range: 5-9(V)
Battery life: about 4 hours for the first gear, about 2 hours for the second gear, and about 1 hour for the third gear

1. Hand-held mini fan, hose storage design, portable hanging neck fan that can be bent freely
2. Built-in 1200mAh battery, refreshing and following all the way
3. It can be wrapped around the head of the bed, wrist, neck, or held by hand and placed on the table.
4. It can be disassembled for easy cleaning
5. Type C interface, wide compatibility, fast charging

Charging status: When charging, the red indicator light flashes, and the red indicator light is always on when it is full.
Working status: Press the button to open first gear, press the button again to open the second gear, press the button to open the third gear, and press the button to close, and so on.

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