Type-C Humidifying Spray Moisturizing Fan Home Desktop Student Bedroom Cooler Air Cooler Fan Mini Desktop Air Conditioner F26

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Portable water cooling fan is not just a simple fan, it can also replace humidifier, air conditioner, water replenishment meter, small fan
Strong cool wind humidifies and moisturizes, strong cooling, fast freezing, farewell to the summer heat, and enjoy the cool and refreshing feeling
Instant cooling, fast cooling, high-density dust-proof filter water curtain, breathing like a forest, like the refreshing wind after rain, like the coolness brought by indoor air conditioning, soothing and pleasant
30S rapid cooling; 3.5m/s circulating air volume; 5~7℃ ice injection to cool down
Low noise and silent operation of 30 dB, while enjoying the soft natural wind, you can work quietly with you
It is convenient and more worry-free to add water by screwing the cap, and the large capacity is 300mL. The new water-adding design can realize the direct uncovering of adding water and ice, without the need to separate the water tank, without the need to move back and forth, without worrying about overflow problems, and the rapid cooling system makes the ice cool wind sense , Strong cooling and water and ice, high-speed fan sucks the surrounding hot air through the fiber curtain to quickly cool down, bringing you a cool wind
Portable design, built-in 2000mAh battery, compact and not occupying land, convenient handle, convenient and labor-saving, anytime, anywhere, experience the coolness everywhere
Three gear adjustments, multiple gear adjustments to meet different temperature requirements, built-in multiple high-efficiency water curtain filters, effectively filter out dust particles in the air, use peace of mind, water curtain purification, enjoy the fresh wind and healthier, Type-C Input port, free access to front and back

Product name: Portable Water Cooling Fan
Product material: ABS
Product size: 173.2*151.5*172.8mm
Product weight: 873g
Product color: white, pink, blue
Water tank capacity: 300ML
Additional function: night light
Battery capacity: 2000mAh
Input voltage: DC5V

Package Included:
1*Charging cable

1.Type-c is used as DC5V input port, the maximum current is 1A;
2.The red light of the two-color indicator light is always on when charging, and the blue light of the two-color indicator light is always on when it is fully charged;
3.Short press the start button, the fan and spray will start at the same time (the first fan is activated by default), short press again to adjust the fan position, press once to increase the gear, when it reaches the third gear, press the button again to turn off the fan and spray .Three-color indicator light shows the gear position, the first gear is red, the second gear is green, and the third gear is blue; the pure white indicator is the spray working indicator, and the pure white indicator is on when the spray is started.
4.In the case of starting, short press the spray button to turn off the spray. The pure white indicator light goes out, short press the spray button again, the spray is turned on and the pure white indicator light is on. (①When the fan is not turned on, the spray cannot be turned on. ②Turn off the fan and the spray will be turned off)
5.When the sensor board detects that there is no water, the spray stops working.
6.Short press the light button, RGB lights up, long press the light button to fix the color, short press again to turn off RGB.
7. When there is no external power supply, when the battery is low, the charging indicator will flash red quickly until the fan stops working and the red light goes out.

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