USB Rechargeable Dual Jet Projection Humidifier Colorful Atmosphere Light Projection Lamp Large Capacity Car Air Humidifier D-25

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Product parameters:
Battery specification: 18650 lithium battery
Battery capacity 2000mAh
Battery voltage: 3.8-4.0V
Charging voltage/current: DC5V=2A
Operating current: light about 600mA/spray about 500mA light about 3W/spray about 2.5W
Use time: normal fully charged about 3H, fully charged, fully open can be used about 1.5H
Water tank capacity: 1000mL
Spray water volume: about 40mL / 1H
Standard: 1 body, 1 USB cable, 2 water-absorbent cotton, 1 manual, 1 projection film

Instructions for use:
1, spray button: press the first open double spray, press the second open intermittent spray (spray 5 seconds stop 3 seconds), press the third open single spray, press the fourth close spray.
2, projection button: press the first color change mode (white, blue and yellow), press the second white light, the third blue light, the fourth yellow light, the fifth off the light. Long press to open the projection light rotation function, and again long press to close the rotation function.
3、Charging light: red light is on when charging, red light is off when full.
A, the machine uses water quality for mineral water, natural clean tap water, other water quality is not recommended.
B, please do not add in the product (alcohol, gasoline, essential oil thinner), will lead to damage to the product, affecting the service life.
C, the product can not be soaked in water, it may lead to product short circuit, leakage, resulting in product and personnel damage.
D. Prohibit the independent use of children under 10 years old.

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