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Classification of tents

When you're ready to spend the night in the wild, you can choose tents, sleeping bags, tarpaulins, snow caves, or shelters. And the tent is the most common way because it's easy to set up, rain proof, and reuse. The tent can be set up anywhere, with wind protection and sun protection. There is enough space inside for climbers to place equipment. For friends who go camping for the first time, they should know the type of tent and choose the right one according to the route.

Functional classification

Mountain Tent

The main function is embodied in wind resistance. The wind resistance is mainly realized by the support. The majority of the cross structures are made of multiple rods. Of course, the disadvantage of this structure is that it is too heavy to carry, so this kind of equipment is very targeted, usually for professional explorers. The Mountain Tent still has a main function to be warm, but should notice the material of inside should be high density breathable cloth, knot easily otherwise dew or frost.

Four Seasons Tent

Four Seasons Tent, as the name implies, is designed for those consumers who crazy loving camping. Different from the Mountain Tent, it may not have strong wind resistance, but it has good ventilation. Relatively the weight of the Mountain Tent is lighter, suit for the spring, summer, autumn and winter. Generally, this kind of products have double doors. The first layer adopts net cloth for three seasons ventilation, and the first layer is breathable cloth for winter warmth.

Three Season Tent

Designed for spring, summer and autumn, it is the dominant product in the global tent market, because the Three Seasons Tent for the main camping season of ordinary consumers, and it is also the most abundant product in the product line of all major brands. In China's southern region, a good Three Seasons Tent even can handle a camping lover's whole year basic requirements, this kinds of tent is mainly aimed at its ventilation, southern region especially when camping in the night, the body can release a lot of heat, low atmospheric pressure and in rainy weather, the body to release gas and contact form condensate with outer tent above. Therefore, the permeability of the outer tent is very important. The fabric of the outer tent is above the static water pressure of 1500MM. The higher the waterproof coefficient, the better. In order to save the cost as much as possible in the current European and American markets, the Three Seasons Tent is increasingly designed as Intranet structures. If the external account does not have a breathable window, the height of the outer tent will be higher from the ground, otherwise it will not be breathable.

Family Tent

At present, this kind of self-drive tent is very popular in Europe, America, Japan and South Korea. It's space is big, the main hall inside tent and bedroom composition, it is a very good  equipment for family gathering.

Size classification

We can divide the tent into one-person-use, one and half-person-use(It means that one person can sleeps spaciously but two people use will be crowed), two-person-use, three-person-use, four-person-use, many people use, meeting use, etc.

There is no doubt that it is necessary for outdoor sports fans to choose the right kind of tent according to their needs before travelling. In addition to helping you avoid the rain and wind, it can also provide you with a completely personal space in the outdoors and  the feeling of security. Just imagine, after a hard day's work, you enter a warm, comfortable tent, cut off from the dark and cold night outside, feeling comfortable and secure.

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