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Common Errors of No Trigger of ThinkPad E550 NM-A221

In May of this year, my business partner gave me a not-dimming E550 machine after well repaired. Today I came across the same errors with the same machine. So I can say it’s like a common error issue. Thus I would like to share this with you guys.
Title: E550

Model of Motherboard: NM-A221


Error: no dimming, without stand by voltage 3V and 5V, total power supply is normal. When switch it on, voltage is normal. Sometimes it can be triggered by electricity, but power off after a while.
Repair: firstly I found it’s not stand by, normal main power supply, normal linear power supply, stand by 35V, no short circuit.
It was triggered by electricity. I switched it off. After a while, I switched it on, but it failed. Repeated but still failed. Check EC conditions, ensure power supply, reset, ACIN, LID, on/off, EC_ON are all normal.


Switched on EC_ON to supply stand-by chip, which is controlled by MAINPWON_EC.


After cutting off control,MAINPWON_EC has still no voltage. Check MAINPWON_EC further.





Followed one instruction mentioned on a repairing forum, tearing down PU2, but it’s still not working. Then tried to tear down PD2 and cut off temperature control, then it worked.


No need to change circuit, tear PD2 down directly.

MAINPWON_EC is controlled by temperature control resistance. There will not be any trigger without MAINPWON_EC, even there’s stand by.


Common errors and repair tips on most Apple laptops

I’ve been doing laptop and Apple mobile maintenance for years. One year ago, I started Apple laptop maintenance. Through one-year exploration and research, I’ve got some experiences to share with you. Below are some common errors that I summarized. By common errors, I mean errors that I came across may times. There might be mistakes and omissions, welcome to correct them and comment below.

Here I omits some old models like A1278, A1286 and super new models like A2159 and A2144 that rarely repaired in daily. B+short circuit can be easily handled by thermal imaging.

A1369: Old model, rarely repair.

A1398: Mostly graphics card error, occurring in Southbridge brand. Mostly due to people connecting the cables of small motherboard in an opposite direction. In this situation, I usually use hot air gun before getting bga. If graphics card can’t be changed, then I usually update bios.

A1465: Mostly CPU error. Hard to repair. Once I get it worked after changing memory particles.

A1466: Mostly water sensor error. Warning: Sometime there’s no lighting, neither power even resistance value is normal. This test point is powered on by lighting control system which  will be possibly burnt out.

Sometimes water sensor is repaired, but still no lighting neither power. Then it’s possible that fuse is burnt out. You might get it worked after testing on/ff controller. Same situation occurs in A1465.

0.12A on electric source , possibly because electric capacity pp5v-s5 is not working

Abnormal Pp3.42v-g3h voltage is possibly due to resistors. In order to reduce maintenance, chips are to be changed together.
A1425: no dimming, constant current, power failure, battery not to be recognized, and fan spinning are mostly caused by by a failed EC. And EC is super expensive.

A1502: Haven’t repaired much of this model, but learned lessons. This model has some different generations. One of them is 4924 which has to connect battery to get power on. Other generations are powered on directly, but 4924 is not. Once upon a time it took me loads of time to get it right. It did not work even I connected it to battery. It’s chargeable and there’s voltage in battery. Unable to figure out why, I simply ordered a new battery, then it worked! Never ever thought it’s a failed battery!

A1534: Mostly CPU and hard disk error. Even get it repaired, won’t last long.

A1706: This model is the most popular. Seen it a lot.
cd3515c00: One failed chip among four, but booster is normal, no lighting. Here is a tip to identify the general performance of four power supply chips(cc1, cc2 communication) of all models with thunderbolt without removing motherboard. Remove the circuit board of thunderbolt, do ground resistance testing at both sides at the second and third points above and below, record the data on point map. When connect red pen to GND, it’s around 570. When black pen, it’s around 1350. BTW iPadPro 11inch and 12.9inch after 2018 are using cd3515c00 chip as well. Maintenance method is the same. There’s a converter chip between power supply chip and cc1 and cc2. Water seepage and over-charging are easily to burn converter chip. Further more, power supply chip u2 is also in charge of this, so maintenance is relatively more complicated. Power supply chip i2c is connected to CPU, so it’s likely that water seepage burns out chips and CPU at the same time.

9239hi chip is easily failed, same as A1707. Mostly no booster, no dimming, no pp3.3v-g3h shown etc.

The short circuit of EDP signal will cause no signal on screen. External power source is going to work for a while, but it’ll completely fail afterwards, which damages CPU. You can only deal with it by changing CPU.

Failed touchbar and t1 are the same as A1707, which fail to start system due to a key updating error. This is possibly due to t1 itself, and peripheral issues such as power supply chip, inlet chip etc. In this situation, I suggest test peripheral resistance value. Change power supply chip firstly. T1 requires fingerprint to log in. Once it’s changed, fingerprint will be out of validity. But a complete set will do. There’s few sets in the market, but you can look for a second-hand.

Btw, 4 power supply chips with pp3.3v-g3h all around can cause damage and short circuit easily.

A1707: In this model, EDP signal can cause short circuit easily, which cause no data shown on screen. But this model has a converter chip in the middle of CPU and graphics card. Changing it directly.

Further more, for this model, errors are mostly caused by water seepage. It’s because this model has no glue, while A1706 does. For Southbridge brand, error mostly caused by water seepage. You can change it directly. All models have sleep sensor chip. You can re-start smc to fix no dimming caused by water seepage.

A1708: This model mostly has burnt-out lighting issue caused by water seepage. Sometimes it’s severe burnt out to damage circuit board completely.
Try pp1v-s5 to connect to CPU. Water seepage causes burn out easily. Change CPU if there’s short circuit.

Battery is easily failed also.
The charging port is welded on the motherboard, thus replacement requires relatively high manual technique.  

A1989: From this model, mostly t2 issues. Hard to repair. Because models from A1989 hardly fail. As long as water seepage, mostly B+.
Its power supply chips are mixed up. Some A1989 power supply chip is cd3215c00z. Be aware of not mixing up the chips with a z, and without z. I have experienced on it. Strange that chip with z is without glue, while chip without z has glue.
Concerning t2, I don’t dealt with it a lot. Booster is normal, but no dimming. After boosting, current of single board is around 60mA, and accessible to dfu mode. These are generally due to a failed t2 firmware. You might refer to Apple official website and forums for maintenance method. Some booster is normal, but current is a bit higher, accessible to dfu mode. When you come across this, you can measure the resistance value of power supply circuit around hard disk.

A1990 and A1989 are similar. Seems the hard disk of A1990 is easy to burn out. I have not tried if it’d work after changing hard disk. Although it’s B+, but failed capacitance is mostly caused by dampness.

That’s all for my summary. There might be mistakes or omission, welcome to comment below. If you find it helpful, share with me below in the comment! Thank you.

The Best Home Gym Equipment 2020

The epidemic of new coronary pneumonia will inevitably change your outdoor exercise plan. If you don't havea barbell in a gym, a swiss ball in a yoga studio, or even how to start exercising at home. We give you some suggestions for your best compact home gym.

Compact Home Walking Machine

Light exercise, small size, no installation

Compared with treadmills, the walking machine occupies a small area, is foldable and easy to store. It is the best choice for small room and is welcomed by many young sports enthusiasts. Generally, the speed of walking machine can reach 6KM/H, and some walking machines also have the function of treadmill, and the speed can reach 10KM/H. However, the carrying capacity of the walking machine is weaker than that of the treadmill.


At present, walking machines are also developing towards intelligence. You can choose walking machines with intelligent speed control functions such as infrared foot sensing and voice remote control, which have more advantages in step calculation and safety in use. Inaddition, we also need to pay attention to materials and shock absorption performance.

Yoga Mat

Yoga lovers, free exercise lovers

On days when you can't go out to exercise, it's a good choice to practice yoga at home or follow the tutorial to practice some training.


You can choose a high-density TPE yoga mat. Its material is an environmentally friendly material containing natural latex. It is recyclable and reusable. It will not cause environmental pollution after being discarded.

It is also light in weight, good inslip resistance, long in-service life, and good in resilience. Yoga mats are skin-friendly products, they must be cleaned according to the instructions to avoid bacterial or virus contamination.

Yoga Ball

The yoga ball is a big ball with very good elasticity. When you are at home, you can lift the yoga ball with both hands and then do squats. Or do upper body swinging movements. A slower speed will make you feel more tired, but will consume more calories. You can find alot of exercise video tutorials about yoga balls on YouTube. You only need to find a few square meters of space at home to complete the whole set of exercises. It is a home exercise equipment that women love very much.


Resistance Rope

When your budget is limited,resistance bands are your best choice for home exercise. They are light, flexible and easy to store. Practice high-leg raises, or something that raisesthe legs back, which can exercise the leg muscles well.


They come in different lengths and resistances and can be used for everything from strength training to aerobics, so they are a wise choice for anyone looking for home fitness equipment for beginners. Grab light, medium and heavy resistance at about $30.

Fascia Gun

Exercise relaxation, deep muscle relaxation

After fitness or exercise, the muscles are too tight and cause soreness. The purpose of the fascia gun is to massage these deep muscles in depth. Through the principle of vibration, force and vibration are transmitted to the deep fascial muscles. Fascia relaxation can effectively comb the myofascial, get stretched, reduce muscle friction, and help joint mobility and muscle ductility.


It is better to choose a price of 150~200USD fascia gun to eliminate fatigue after exercise. Exercise assistance, rehabilitation training should choose 300~400USD fasciagun.

It should be applied to the muscles and avoid near by bones and joints. With proper pressure, pay attention to there bound and stability of the gun body to avoid unnecessary damage. Try to massage across clothes/towels to avoid abrasion and sensitive reactions.

If you are a group fitness enthusiast, you may not be able to maintain the same exercise habits during the epidemic. Or you live in the same apartment with your roommate and train in a small bedroom. You don't need much space for a exercise. The above mentioned the best home exercise equipment for beginners 2020 can help you.

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What is the Best iPhone 12 Accessories to Buy

The iPhone 12 released on October 14 no longer comes with a charger and wired headphone. There is only a USB-C to Lightning cable in the package. In order to match your iPhone 12, which iPhone 12 accessories to buy?


iPhone 12 supports 20W PD fast charging, MagSafe wireless charging has a maximum power of 15W, and Qi wireless charging has a max power of 7.5W. PD fast charge protocol, the support maximum power is 20W, so when choosing charger for iPhone 12, we try to choose 20W or higher than 20W charger that supports PD protocol.

Apple Original Charger:

The appearance of this charger isbasically the same as the original Apple 18W charger, the power is upgraded to 20W, and it also has 5V/3A and 9V/2.22A voltage levels, supports Samsung 5V/2A,DCP protocol, and PD2.0 fast charging protocol.

The official accessories of Apple 12 are expensive. The following are cheap iphone 12 accessories. You can refer to these.


USBType C Quick Charger Adapter:

1. USB Type-C connect to support multi-protocol output; fast charging makes charging faster again.

2. Output automatically identifies the mobile phone or tablet, intelligent matching 5V A/9V 2A voltage and current,choose a suitable fast-charging mode for the device.

3. Compact and easy to travel,compared to Apple's original 18w adapter, the volume is quite light and easy tocarry.

4. Compatible with existing mainstream Android phones and Apple devices that support PD fast charging.

5. Smaller, faster, more convenient. Low-profile connector with a reversible design simplifies connections and easy insertion and removal without having to check the orientation of the connector.



Product name: PD Quick Charge Cable

Product material: pure copper wire +TPE

Interface type: TYPE-C to lightning

Product length: 1m, 2m

Number of cores: five-stranded wire:43 x 2, 10 x 3, 0.8mm tinned copper

Product ApplicationApple8/X/XS/XR/XS MAX/11/12 and other mobile phones

Anker iPhone12 Charging Cable

Product: compatible with iPhone fast charge protocol

This Anker charging cable can be used with fast charging adapter to achieve wired fast charging. The charging cableis compatible with the iPhone PD fast charging protocol. It uses the original Apple C94 terminal head and is fully compatible with the IOS.


Wireless QI Car Phone Stand & Charger for iPhone 12

There is no need to remove the phone case when charging. The car holder can hold all mobile phones with a width of 60-80mm, and is suitable for most mobile phones.

Easy to install, it can be completed in a few seconds, no additional tools are required.


2 in 1Function:

Combine the charger and mobile phone holder into one unit. You can put your phone on the charger Phone Stand while driving. At the same time, you can charge it through our wireless charging dock. The Wireless Car Charger will identify the wireless fast charging device and intelligently adjust the power to 5W, 7.5W or 10W.

Bluetooth Headphone

If the budget is sufficient, the preference for Bluetooth Headphone is of course Airpods Pro. As an Apple series product, it has a high-quality customer experience and compatibility with iPhone. If you don't have enough budget and don't have too much demand for headsets, just buy a Bluetooth earbuds of the same type.
The high-simulation iPhone earbuds can let you enjoy the same music fun, but you only need to spend more than 10 dollars.


1. More refined appearance, smaller earphones, not making your ear get pained after a long-time wearing.
2. More stable signal and better quality.
3. The upgraded version of i7S, promoting customers more eager to buy.
4. Magnetic suction charging case, giving you better sense of experience.
5. Light and small, easy and convenient to carry.

New iPhone 12 Case

I will be very concerned about buying iphone cases. Yes, they can provide extra protection.

iPhone 11/12 Pro / Max / Pro Max phone case with shockproof belt and stand.



The Premium Hybrid 3 in 1 Swivel Belt Clip Brushed Armor Rubber Case Provide Luxury, Stylish and Heavy-Duty Protection for your New Mobile Phone Against Scratches, Dirt, Dent and Damages.The Outer Back Cover is Made of High Quality PC Material with Smooth Rubberized Coating, The Inner Layer is Made of Durable and Flexible Silicone Material.

Finally, we hope the suggestions in this list are helpful to you. Looking for more iPhone 12accessories and small household items? Keep checking our store for cheaper iPhone 12 accessories price.

How to Choose the Best Camera Stabilizer for Video

Mobile phones are an important equipment for many outdoor videos live streaming and short video shooting for vloggers. Shooting videos with mobile phones and cameras in a moving state will cause screen jitter and instability, and it is difficult for mobile phones to obtain smooth videos. The best stabilizers can help you. How to choose the best camera stabilizers 2020?


Part 1: What handheld smartphone gimbal can do?

I believe that many outdoor travel enthusiasts shoot sports video vlogs. We hope that the video pictures look smooth and have no jitter. The widespread popularity of smart phones has also opened the era of real-time streaming media.


If you want to shoot high-quality videos, the image stability is very important. In addition to simple scene shooting, we can use our hands to keep the lens as stable as possible. Live streaming, video vlog, or time-lapse photography,slow motion, panoramic photography, night scenes, object tracking, overlapping images, push-pull zoom (Hitchcock), etc., are not a single mobile phone that can be played well, which requires the best video stabilizer for smartphone.

Part 2:How to choose the camera stabilizer for Phone?

1. Stability

In recent years, with the replacement of mobile phone stabilizers of various brands, the stability function of the stabilizers on the market is sufficient to meet the daily shooting requirements. The stability is good or poor, from the same price point, the difference is not so obvious. Of course,the well-known brands Zhiyun and DJI may have better user experience in many aspects.

2. Lightweight and Portable

The lighter the body of the mobile phone stabilizer for video recording,the more conducive to long-term shooting. It also has a foldable and retractable storage, which can be directly placed in your pocket or backpack and carried with you. This is the most practical feature for outdoor enthusiasts.

3. Application

The mobile phone stabilizer can withstand multiple mobile phones,according to the weight of the existing mobile phone or the applicable equipment, refer this parameter to select the appropriate stabilizer.

4. Function

No need for levelling function, face recognition tracking shooting,gesture control, etc., all increase the attractiveness of their products to users. In addition to the smart camera stabilization function, the camera stabilizer also has a three-level fill light, Bluetooth camera controller, etc.It can be described as a multi-purpose one, which can meet the shooting needs of most scenes. You can even use it as a selfie stick/tripod with anti-shake function.

5. Simple to Use

The 3-axis stabilizer is more professional and the operation is more complicated. For novices or sport video shooting who are only used for daily steady shooting, a handheld cell phone stabilizer is more suitable. After the mobile phone is installed on the handheld stabilizer, turn on the device to do stable shooting. The operation is very simple.

Part 3: The Best Gimbal Stabilizer for Your iPhone Camera Gopro 2020

1. DJI –Reliability and ease of use

DJI UAVs are well known and are in a leading position in the international market. Because gimbals and drones have many similar characteristics in technology, with the accumulation of technology in the field of drones, DJI has also developed a series of mobile phone gimbals(stabilizers). Currently, Osmo mobile has been launched one generation, second generation, third generation.


In terms of product hardware, DJI products are mature and stable. After the market experience and optimization exploration of the first two generations of products, it has now developed a portable, foldable, and more affordable third-generation mobile phone stabilizer. In terms of product application DJI functions and user experience are also the best compared to other brands. DJI Osmo Mobile 3 is known for its reliability and ease of use.

2. Zhiyun -Strong Function

Zhiyun is a fast-rising company that has occupied many markets for gimbal stabilizers in just a few years, which has largely led to the technological progress and popularization of stabilizers. Zhiyun is very strict in product control, and the stabilizing effect is outstanding among products of the same level. It can respond quickly and switch quickly.


Smooth Q2 is Zhiyun mobile phone stabilizer, and it is the smallest and most portable stabilizer. Although the body is small, the battery has the longest battery life, and the three axes are free. It is a rare mobile phone gimbal with unlimited heading axis. The best mobile phone stabilizer at the same price.

3. 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer

The difference between 3-axis gimbal stabilizer for smartphone and other gimbal stabilizer is that it is specially designed for travel.

The gimbal has a base that can accommodate compact cameras, sports cameras and smart phones, which can provide you with beautiful and smooth shots and leave lasting memories for your journey.


The compact design makes this gimbal an easy addition to your camera bag without the need for heavy equipment. Whether you are shooting with GoPro, iPhone, compact camera or even mirrorless camera.

Different shots have different requirements for stabilizers, so on the basis of determining the budget, choose the most suitable smartphone gimbal in this price range.

In the era of sharing life videos, our way of expression is different from the past era of paper media, text, and pictures. Regardless of daily life,parties, travel, outdoor sports, and creation, they will gradually become like to using vlog to share. I believe that a camera stabilizer gimbal is worth.

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How to Rotate Webcam in Windows 10

The camera is inverted and it makes me look weird. How do I fix it? Have you ever encountered a situation where the laptop camera of the windows 10 is upside down? How do I rotate the camera on my laptop? This article provides you with solutions to the problem of inverted camera in windows.


If you encounter the problem of builtin laptop camera is showing your image upside down, please refer to the troubleshooting steps below.

Need to test whether the laptop program software conflicts, you should

1) Remove or disable any 3rd party webcam utilities.

2) If the problem persists after above, look into the settings for your camera to see if there is an inversion or image flipping option. For Windows users, this is usually located in the Control Panel.

3) If neither of the above options helps resolve the issue, then you probably need to reinstall the drivers.

Reinstall the Camera Driver

1. Right-click on the start menu and select [Device Manager].

2. In [Device Manager], expand [Image Devices], and the words [USB2.0 Camera] will be displayed below. (Note: The names of the cameras in different notebook models may be similar.)Right-click the device name, and select "Properties" in the menu that appears.

3. Switch to [Detailed Information],modify the device description in the attribute drop-down menu to hardware PID below, and then write down the PID number in the value below.

4. Open the browser and enter to open the laptop driver download webpage, such as http://www.asus.com.cn/support

Search by notebook model, select the 64-bit or 32-bit system that needs to install the driver, and then download the camera driver by referring to the PID number noted before.


5. Unzip the driver, switch to the device manager, right-click on the camera, and select [Browser computer to find driver software].

6. Click to select from the computer device driver list.

7. Click [Install from Disk].

8. Click the browser to assign to the previously unzipped camera driver, click to open.

After the installation is complete, if there is an incompatible prompt pop up, just click to continue the installation.


Windows Update

After checking many user reports, it is clear that the camera problem is related to incompatible programs.

To solution this driver incompatibility:

In the Windows Update tab, click "Check for Updates" and then follow the on-screen prompts to install updates.

Install each non-optional driver and restart the computer when prompted. Every time you start, be sure to return to the Windows Update screen to check if there are any pending updates. Once all update is the latest, open the camera and check if the inverted camera on laptop has been corrected.


Roll Back Your Camera Driver

In the Device Manager, right-click your camera and select "Properties."

Select the Driver tab, select Rollback driver, and then select Yes. (Please note that some drivers do not provide rollback options.)

After the rollback is complete,restart your PC and try to open the Camera application again.

If the rollback does not work or is not available, uninstall the camera driver and scan for hardware changes.

How do I Fix the Upside Down Camera after Windows 10 Update?

Restore System

If you have created a recovery point or an automatic system recovery point, try to restore the system to the most recent recovery point. If the problem persists after completing all troubleshooting steps, please back up your personal files and reset the system.

Please refer to this article: How to Fix Windows Preparing Automatic Repair Loop

the fourth step is to reset your computer.

How to Fix the Upside-down Skype Camera on Windows?

Click settings in the Skype options(or other applications that use the webcam).

Go to tool options and select the video settings.

Click "Webcam Settings"(probably in the "Advanced").

Select or deselect "Image Mirror", if the Mirror Horizontal and Mirror Vertical options are ticked, uncheck them.


How to Rotate Your Camera on Zoom?

1 Log in to the Zoom application.

2 In the upper right corner of the"Zoom" window, then click the gear icon to open "Settings"

3 Click the "Video" tab in the left column of the settings window.

4 Hover your mouse over the preview of the camera.

5 Click the "Rotate 90°"button in the upper right corner of the preview until the camera is rotated to the correct angle.

Use Third-Party Application

If the above methods cannot fix your laptop camera upside down, you can also use a third-party solution.

This may not be the ideal method. The good news is that there is a free third-party software (ManyCam) that allows you to reverse the built-in camera.

The following is a quick guide to install and use ManyCam:

  • Visit this link (here) and download the free application of ManyCam.
  • Open the installer, and then follow the instructions on the screen to install the software on your computer.
  • After installing the software, open ManyCam and be patient when the software is initialized.
  • After turning on the third-party camera, use the vertical bar at the far end of the screen to access the camera settings.
  • Go to the Flip and Rotate section, and then use the buttons below to adjust the camera orientation.

If your Lenovo laptop camera upside down windows 10, you can also see options for camera settings in Lenovo settings.


Replace the Laptop Built-in Camera

The laptop webcam is a separate module, which is generally connected to the motherboard through a USB interface, which is relatively convenient to change. To replace the built-in camera of the laptop, check the pin number of the camera module and the host interface. There is a difference between the small interface 5 PIN/6 PIN/8 PIN and the regular interface 5 PIN/6 PIN/8 PIN. After confirmation, you should purchase a camera module with the same interface.


For More Laptop Spare Part

If you need more laptop replacement accessories, laptop adapter, laptop fan, please visit GEMWON wholesale online store.
View more laptop accessories supply from the website business, and ask prices for notebook spare parts and accessories to provide you with more maintenance help.


It should be noted that due to its small size, it is troublesome to replace the built-in camera of the laptop. It is recommended that you can use an external USB webcam, which can be used by plugging in the USB port of the computer.


The above is about how to rotate camera on laptop? If the built-in camera of the laptop is damaged, then it is recommended that you take the above suggestions to buy a IP camera.

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Tips for Buying a Wireless Headset

More and more smartphones have removed the 3.5mm headphone jack in the design, so Bluetooth headsets have gradually become a necessity. There may be some confusion when choosing a Bluetooth headset. This article is about wireless headphone buying guide 2020.


How to Choose a Wireless Bluetooth Headset?

When it comes to sports headsets, we have to mention wireless Bluetooth headsets.Nowadays, there are all kinds of wireless Bluetooth headsets on the market.Looking at the various functions, shapes, and appearances of wireless Bluetooth wireless headsets, it is dazzling. For consumers, it is difficult to determine how to choose a wireless Bluetooth headphone? Before buying a Bluetooth headset, please consider the following.

1. Comfortable

When purchasing a wireless Bluetooth headset, the appearance of the wireless Bluetooth headset is often the first consideration, but it is not. As a kind of wearable device, wireless Bluetooth headset needs to be in contact with the ear for a long time. Wearing a wireless Bluetooth headset that is not comfortable enough to wear can cause serious damage to the ear. So, when we buy wireless Bluetooth headsets, we cannot ignore the comfort of wearing.

2. Use time for a single charge

An excellent wireless Bluetooth headset needs to have a long battery life. When we wear the wireless Bluetooth headset exercising, the wireless Bluetooth headset runs out of battery suddenly. At this time, not only can it not provide music,but it will also become a burden to exercise. Therefore, battery capacity is one of the most important parameters when purchasing a wireless Bluetooth headset.

3. Sound quality

A wireless Bluetooth headset with excellent sound quality will definitely give users a very good experience. With the development and advancement of technology, the sound quality of wireless Bluetooth headsets can compete with wired headsets.


Wireless Bluetooth headsets can be divided into 4 categories

Traditional wireless Bluetooth headset: suitable for low requirements in all aspects, cheap and easy to use.

Neck hanging wireless Bluetooth headset: suitable for who go out often, outdoor use,with higher requirements for sound quality, delay and functionality.


True wireless earphones: suitable for who have basically no requirements for sound quality and delay, or who want to experience new and convenience things.

Head-mounted Bluetooth headset: It has high requirements for sound quality and requires sufficient sound insulation (noise reduction), suitable for use in fixed places.

AirPods Wireless Earbuds

Which brand of wireless Bluetooth headsets? The most popular is undoubtedly Apple AirPods. Since Apple introduced AirPods, this product has been attracting consumers' attention. Although the price of AirPods is as high as several hundred dollars, it still can't stop the love of sports enthusiasts. AirPods wireless Bluetooth headsets can be seamlessly connected to iPhone and other Apple devices, which is unmatched by other brands of wireless Bluetooth earbuds, and the user experience is very outstanding. If you like Apple products, you might as well choose this AirPods wireless headphone.


T10 TWS Bluetooth Earbuds

T10 TWS is a noise reduction wireless Bluetooth headset. After wearing this headset, you can feel isolated from the outside world and hardly hear any noise. In terms of wearing experience, the place in contact with the skin is soft material. Even if it is worn for a longtime, it will not cause pressure on the ears, so it is suitable for who exercise leisurely and enjoy music alone.


An excellent wireless Bluetooth headset must meet the following three points: 1.Stylish and simple appearance; 2. Comfortable; 3. Listening to music can bring a good sound quality experience. And this neck hanging wireless Bluetooth headset can meet these.

Neckband Wireless Headphones Hanging

Neck hanging wireless Bluetooth headphones can place the battery in the collar, the battery capacity can be made larger, and the battery life will naturally be better than traditional wireless Bluetooth headsets.


These Bluetooth Headphones Under $100 in 2020 are simple and convenient, although wireless Bluetooth headphones cannot meet your needs in some places, it brings great convenience to outdoor sports enthusiasts, which cannot be ignored.

Where Can I Buy a Wireless Headset?

Choosing a best wireless headphone is a difficult task, especially because there are so many different types of headsets on the market. Therefore, we think that we will give you some suggestions on selection, and hope that you can gain something when looking for the ideal wireless headset. At GEMWON, you can easily find wireless headphones that suit your needs and budget.

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The Best 3D Printer for Beginners

You can use the best 3D printers to create everything from toys to prototypes. Some people are even using 3D printers to produce protective equipment related to the coronavirus pandemic.Nowadays, home 3D printers are gradually appearing in daily life. What are the uses of home 3D printers? How to choose a best budget 3d printer?

What are the benefits of home 3D printers?

1. DIY Home Gadgets

As a 3D printer that combines creativity and technology, it can print a variety of novel and unique household small items. For example, the moon lamp in the bedroom, the shoe rack in the cloakroom, the antique decoration in the study, the vase on the dining table, the hollow fruit plate in the kitchen, and so on. These creative 3D printed household items bring joy to life, greatly improve the quality of life and work, and reduce the cost of living.


2. 3D Printing Custom Gifts

So how to choose the most unique creative gift for relatives, friends or lovers? 3D printing opens up a private customization mode, injecting freshness, technology and individual elements into gift production. In addition, with the characteristics of personalized manufacturing and rapid manufacturing, 3D printers have given a new form of creative gifts "DIY", allowing more you can enjoy best the DIY 3d printer 2020.

3D Printed Moon Lamp

3. Family Creativity Education

As a little helper for children's intellectual development, innovation and practical ability training, 3D printers for children transform imagination into the characteristics of real objects,and create greater imagination space for children's growth. In family activities, parents and children use 3D printers to print toys with different shapes and functions, and experience the fun of technology.

4. 3D Printing Design and Manufacturing Industry

According to a US media report on April 7, in response to the epidemic, the US Air Force's 388th Fighter Wing used 3D printing technology to make N95 masks. They used a synthetic material(nylon, plastic, and carbon fiber) to make masks on a 3D printer. Each mask is composed of 3 independently printed parts, which are the main body of the mask,the inner grid, and the outer cover where the filter material is placed. This N95 mask can be used repeatedly and can be disinfected with alcohol. Although the protective effect of 3D printed masks is not as good as that of traditionally masks, it is also a good choice when supplies are in short supply.


How to Choose a 3D Printer?

Asa new type of smart production tool, it breaks the conventional home DIY concept and advocates a more reasonable and creative smart life and family education mode. So you need to know before buying a 3D printer.

1. What are your needs?

2. What is your budget?

To buy a 3D printer, you first need to understand the working principle of a 3D printer. 3D printing is a process of constructing three-dimensional objects through computer modeling and control, thermal reconstruction or laser molding technology. The currently popular 3D printing technologies mainly include FDM, SLA, DLP, etc.


Among them, the FDM 3D printer is simple to operate, low maintenance cost, non-toxic raw materials, and is widely used in home and office environments. For DLP and SLA 3D printers, the cost of printers and printing materials is relatively high.

What is the Price of a 3D Printer?

The prices of 3D Printer with different printing principles are very different, and their purpose and positioning are also different. If you are a beginner of 3D printers, it is recommended to buy a home 3D printer of 300~500 USD. This type of model is more cost-effective and has a relatively complete functional design, which is enough to meet the printing needs of beginner.

There are some inexpensive 3D printers on the market, but not all of them are good choices. On the one hand,you need to spend time assembling and debugging, and you have higher requirements for operation ability. In addition, print size and performance are usually limited.

Are you looking for the personal first 3D printer? Do you want to get a best budget 3D printer?


Price: US$600

This 3D printer has an acceptable price and can achieve full-size printing. The printing effect is also good. It is one of the representatives of cost-effective 3D printers.



Price: US$499

Printrbot is also a cheap and good-quality 3D printer. Although it needs to be assembled by the user, it supports PLA and ABS materials and has comprehensive functions. Of course, the most important thing is that it is cheap and has good performance.


Solidoodle 4

Price: US$800

Solidoodle 4 is a relatively mid-range 3D printer. It has a complete metal frame for crowdfunding brands and is more safe and secure. In addition, it can also support PLA and ABS dual materials, and the overall printing effect is perfect.


MakerBot Replicator 2

Price: US$3200

MakerBot is the first 3D printer brand to enter the Chinese market. Its appearance design is outstanding and its performance is also very good. It supports PLA and ABS dual materials, and its printing accuracy can reach up to 0.1mm. Of course, its expensive price seems to be temporarily difficult to enter ordinary families, which is one of its shortcomings.


In addition, we have a list of best cheap 3d printers 2020 for beginners. I hope it help you find the best budget 3D printer. Moreover, most of 3D printer can be safely used at home and school. They also enriched their creativity and turned ideas into reality.

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How to Fix Binoculars Stopped Working

The focus is not working. You can move it buy it doesn't adjust the focus.The focus is not working. What should you do if binoculars not working? Hope that the methods in this article can help you how to repair binoculars at home?


The focus is not Working

There is a nut focusing knob on the binoculars, which can drive the screw to adjust the distance between the objective lens and the eyepiece. If the knob is turned and the eyepiece does not move, it indicates a mechanical defect on binoculars.


Howto Focus Binoculars?

1. When using the binoculars,first adjust the distance between the two lens barrels of the binoculars. The method is to hold the lens barrel of the binoculars with both hands and open and close it inwardly or outwardly until the images form a circle.

2. Close your right eye and slowly adjust the focus wheel of the binoculars until the left eye is clear.

3. Close the left eye and adjust the right eyepiece of the binoculars (if the right eyepiece cannot be rotated,there will be a ring under the eyepiece, adjust this ring) until the right eye is clear.

4. When observing targets at different distances, simply rotate the middle focusing wheel.

Howto Fix Double Image in my Binoculars?

The two lenses are not aligned,so when you look at a single object, you will see double vision instead of overlapping objects. Can this be fixed?

We see a double image because the light(images) leaving us are not parallel.

Turn the screw.

Point the binoculars at any point.

Move the screw slowly until the two images coincide.

The Binoculars Lens is Blurred Background:

Use the large screw on the top of the knob to open the focus knob.

After opening the knob, clean the binocular lens and dry it.

Grease the cotton swab and gently rub on the knob.

Tighten the screws again.

You may have to tighten the screws multiple times because they will become matte due to lack of grease.

Howto Use Binoculars Properly?

I bought a new mountaineering binocular, I was looking forward to it, but I didn’t know how to use it. I didn't adjust it so well that the images no overlapping during observation, and there were black shadows in the field of view. So, how to set up binoculars correctly?

Step 1: Rotate or fold the eye mask

No need to fold if you don't wear glasses. This is to keep the eyes and eyepieces at a proper distance. If they are attached too close or too far away, there will be dark shadows in the field of view, and a perfect field of view cannot be obtained.

Step 2: Adjust the interpupillary distance

Adjust the distance between the two lens barrels to the same distance as your eyes, so that the images can be seen to overlap. Everyone's pupil distance is different. For example, the interpupillary distance of children is relatively small, and the interpupillary distance of adults is relatively larger. Twist the distance between the lens barrels on both sides and adjust it to be the same as the pupil distance of the eye, to avoid double vision and observed without shadows.


Step 3: Focus the binoculars

Slowly turn the focus wheel to focus and adjust the sharpness.


Check the level calibration

Relax your eyes.

Look for obvious vertical lines in the structure.

Gently close your eyes once every few seconds to change the angle of view.

When switching views, look for any movement on the vertical line.

When your left eye is open, the image may move slightly to the left, and vice versa. Such slight movements are normal.

The vertical movement in the vertical line calibration adjustment is necessary multiple times.

Check the vertical calibration

Relax your eyes.

Find a clear horizontal line in the structure.

Slowly move your eyes about 4 inches away from the binoculars while continuing to observe the horizontal line.

Look for any unbalanced in the horizontal line of each view.

8 Tips for Using Binoculars:

1. Do not use binoculars to observe the sun directly, as this will cause serious damage to the eyes.

2. Avoid dropping, vibration and impact, so as to avoid the deviation of the optical axis and make the user dizzy.

3. Don't touch the lens with your hands to avoid staining the lens with grease, fingerprints, etc. that affect the image clarity.

4. Do not use binoculars while walking to avoid accidentally stepping on dangerous objects.

5. Do not put the binoculars under the scorching sun or expose it to the sun for a long time to avoid high temperature to accelerate the aging of the rubber.

6. Non-waterproof binoculars need to be kept dry for a long time, which can prevent the lens from growing mildew in a sealed bag.

7. Do not put the telescope in a place where children so as not to fall and damage it

8. Please cover the objective lens and eyepiece cover after using the telescope to prevent dust from falling on the lens.


How to fix binoculars yourself?The repairs we discussed cover most of the problems with binoculars. If you use the binoculars solutions above, you can easily fix binoculars at home. For more styles of binoculars,outdoor and camping equipment for wholesale purchase, please visit GEMWON, the largest online wholesaler in China.

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How to Fix a Drone That Won't Fly

I just got the drone a few days ago, but I have been very busy, so I can't watch how it works. But today I finally had time to take it out, but it did not take off. How to fix drone not flying?

With more information about what happened with your quadcopter and why it is not flying, we could be more helpful.


Why is My Drone not Flying?

Low Power

Make sure the flight battery is fully charged. If your drone has a battery monitoring system, the flight controller may not work when the flight group voltage is below a certain threshold.

To do this, try several steps:

Remove the battery and put it back

Put the battery in the charger,and then check whether it is charged

Check the battery status on the controller screen

Replace with new batteries

Check the battery and connector for damage

Make sure the battery meets the specifications of the original battery of the quadcopter

Check Drone Flight Axis

Check all props for damage and debris (like string) around the shaft, and arrange the propellers in the correct order. Propeller installation requires a certain turn to create the necessary airflow to actually lift the quadcopter into the air. Therefore, if these conditions are not met, your drone might start but won't take off.


Compass and IMU are not Calibrated

Have you tried calibrating the gyroscope? Turn on the drone and place it on a horizontal surface, I believe it moves down and right at the same time (may move to the left, depending on the manufacturer). Hold it and watch the LED on the bottom flash. Once it stops flashing, it should be calibrated. If the gyroscope calibration fails, it will not fly.

Please follow the calibration procedure of the flight controller to ensure that the compass and IMU are calibrated before the flight.

Poor GPS Signal

The GPS antenna is shielded or disturbed by electromagnetic. You need to remove the shield, away from the interference source, and place the aircraft in an open area. In addition, the reason for this situation may also be that the GPS has not been powered on fora long time, the distance between the local and the last GPS positioning point is too far, or the microwave power switch is turned on before the UAV positioning.


At this time, you can try to turnoff the microwave power switch, turn off the system power, and turn on the power after 5 seconds to wait for relocation.

Warm Up Flight

It is found that the quadcopter cannot fly, please wait a few minutes to see if the situation has changed. Some drone models require some warm-up before take off, which often happens in cold weather.

Physical Damage

If there are any damages to the drones (such as internal components), for example, if they are wetted or damaged in any greater way, they don’t take off. Then, you may have to find a professional who knows how to repair the drone.

Ground Console Cannot Receive Data

Check whether the connector is loose or not connected, click the link button of the ground station, whether the serial port is set correctly, whether the serial port baud rate is set correctly, whether the data transmission channel of the ground console and the aircraft are set the same, and whether the GPS data on the quadcopter is imported.

As long as if there is a problem,the communication cannot be performed, and then reconnect after checking the correctness. If it still fails to connect after checking, restart the ground console and drone system power.

Drone Deviates from Course

Adjust the drone to fly and maintain altitude without human intervention. Secondly, check the wind direction and wind force, because the strong wind will also cause some problem,you should choose to take off the drone when the wind is light. Furthermore,check whether the balancer is placed properly.


Why is my drone not flying? Just like the drone not turning on, if any part is injured, it may make it can't fly.Drones are precision instruments, and any small changes in components can affect their flight and life. Therefore, we provide a variety of Drone Parts, Propeller and If you have more needs for drones, please contact us.

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