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How to Buy the best iPad accessories 2019

For the average consumer, when faced with a limited model iPad, the choice may be relatively simple, as long as according to your needs and budget, you can buy the iPad accessories must have. If you have just bought the iPad recently, but don't know how to choose cool iPad accessories, you may need this article.


1. Smart Keyboard for iPad Air 10.5'/iPad Pro 10.5'/iPad Pro 11'/iPad Pro 12'

The first is Apple accessory Smart Keyboard. As a 2-in-1 accessory for the protective cover keyboard, Smart Keyboard has many advantages. For example,in the similar products, its weight is among the best and it is still compatible with the 2018 iPad Pro. Because it uses the metal contacts behind the iPad Pro, it can be used with this without Bluetooth pairing.

It is no battery, the Smart Keyboard (11-inch) is controlled at 297 grams. The entire keyboard design is neat and simple, so the assembly and disassembly are also very convenient.

Functionally, the Smart Keyboard has a full-size keyboard. The only defect may be "price" and now the 11-inch Smart Keyboard is priced at$199 on the apple website.

Such an expensive price is not everyone's willingness to accept, so you need the best iPad accessories for students described below that low-cost and practical.

2. Logitech K480 Bluetooth Keyboard

The Logitech K480 appears on this list because its design is perfect for the iPad. Even as a very simple wireless keyboard for iPad, there is not so much smart technology.

The first is that the integrated stand is different from the traditional Bluetooth keyboard. The K480 integrates a stand on the keyboard, so that even if your iPad is not use the cover with stand, you can still maintain a proper reading angle with your ipad.

Secondly, the K480 moderate size and weight are suitable for portable devices like the iPad, put it in a backpack and bring it to the library.

In terms of functions, the K480 is a well-regulated Bluetooth keyboard that supports switching between multiple devices. The keyboard layout can be adapted for Windows and macOS, so if you have multiple devices, it must the best iPad pro gaming accessories for you.


3. Apple Pencil

The iPad including the 2018 iPad Pro, the 6th generation iPad, the 3th generation iPad Air, the 5th generation iPad mini and the newer all support the handwriting input.

Apple Pencil, which has been iterated to the second generation, is still the first choice for iPad input accessories.

The second generation of Apple Pencil for the 2018 iPad Pro, many of the shortcomings of the generation of Apple Pencil are now improved, such as the magnetic charging replaced by inconvenient charging method, but also the improved storage issues.


The sleek material of the previous generation has resulted in a poor grip. The new matte material of the second generation of Apple Pencil also solves this problem. In addition, there is a completely integrated plan that will not cause you to lose your pen accessories.

In terms of configuration specifications, the second-generation Apple Pencil also added the function of the double-click switching tool. By tapping the pen body twice, you can switch between the brush and the eraser. If you'reusing an iPad that isn't the 2018, you'll only be able to use 1th generation of Apple Pencils that better at a lower price. I think it is the best iPad accessories for students.

4. iPad Case

The iPad case is the first thing to buy. Because the iPad body is very thin, in order to prevent the hand slipping or bumping, the protective cover is essential. The portability of the iPad determines that it should have a thin body, so you must not buy a protective cover that is too thick.

For the protective cases for iPad:

1. Do not buy a protective case with a pen slot, which will increase the overall width of the iPad.

2. The cover has a magnetic sense and has a sleep/wake function. When it is closed, it goes into sleep and saves power.

3. The bottom shell is silicone, which can be disassembled without hurting the machine. This avoids scratching the iPad with a hard-outer casing.

If you have a backpack that is big enough, then this product will definitely be your favourite. It can be used as a protective case or as a handbag to make your iPad stylish and portable.


If the iPad is owned by your child, i recommend this accessory is the best iPad accessories for kids.

5. Glass screen protector

The new design of the iPad Pro makes it easier to slip off your hands.It's best to buy a glass screen protector that saves a few hundred dollars in screen replacement costs. The choice of this accessory is relatively simple,you can buy ultra-thin tempered glass protective film according to the model.

6. Aukey mobile power

You may also need a mobile power source to keep iPad energized during your travels. I chose this model because it is small and affordable.

However, the 10,000 mAh you get from Aukey. It will give you extra hours when you need it. It has a USB-C port so you don't need an adapter. This mobile power supports fast charging and it is the best charge accessory for iPad.

There is also a USB-A port that can charge other devices - including the iPhone or Nintendo Switch.

7. iPad Desktop Stand

Not only for the iPad, it is also an excellent accessory for the iPhone or most other smartphones and tablets. This multi-function desktop stand from GEMWON safely keeps your device at the most comfortable angle for charging while reading or playing.

The bracket is made of ABS material with a rubber underlay to prevent it from dropping. In addition to the silver version visible above, you can also choose pink.


It should be all the accessories needed to improve the productivity of iPad. I don't promise that these things will make your iPad a replacement for laptop, but they will make life easier. More new accessories for iPad you can purchase at GEMWON online, you can get the fastest shipping and more discount.

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Xiaomi Airdots Review - Best Budget TWS at GEMWON

Xiaomi Airdots Review - Best Budget TWS at GEMWON

Redmi has released the new product "true wireless headset" - Redmi AirDots. What kind of experience can this split-type Bluetooth headset that costs only $13.99? Reviews for Xiaomi Redmi airdots earbuds 2019.

The Redmi airdots is very compact,with a 2-in-1 storage case and charging box: it is paired automatically when take out and shuts down when placed inside the box. The design is fashion, with a sharp angular transition in the cover and matte texture. Although this Redmi wireless Bluetooth earbuds is named Redmi AirDots, we can see that the box is printed with "Xiaomi" Logo instead of Redmi.


Xiaomi AirDots lights guide:

At the side of each earbuds you’ll find a small LED that flashes to let you know the earbuds battery status. The buds will flash a blue-white colour when pairing or connecting to other devices, then when placed into storage box will flash red to indicate they are charging.


Xiaomi Airdots working mode:

Once the Redmi AirDots are paired, simply open the lid and take out the earbuds to associate with the phone automatically. The XiaoMi airdots support two working modes. Simply take one bud out of the charging box and work it alone, if you take another bud, the two earbuds will be automatically associated.

How to pair Xiaomi Redmi Airdots:

The Xiaomi Redmi airdots pairing process is very easy, just go to your device's Bluetooth settings and pair them. Bluetooth split-type earbuds, get rid of the earphone wire is very favorite.

How to use Xiaomi Redmi Airdots:

This multi-function button supports short press and hang up calls and press and hold for one second to hang up. Short press to pause, play music, double-click to open voice assistant, support Xiao Ai, Siri and Google voice assistant.

How long can Xiaomi Airdots use:

The single charging of the earbuds supports continuous playback of 4 hours of battery life and provides approximately 150 hours of standby time. It can provide about 12 hours of battery life when used with the battery case, 12 hours of music playback, 15hours of game play and 12 hours of call play. You can use one or two buds.

Xiaomi Airdots charging:

About Xiaomi Airdots charging may also be more concerned. The charging box supports 5V 5A, 25W power input, and the Xiaomi earbuds supports 5V 1A, 5W power input. The full charging time of the Xiaomi Airdots is about one and a half hours, and the charging box needs 2hours for full charging. On the back of the earbuds charging box, there is a Micro USB charging port.


Redmi AirDots Weigh:

AirDots' single earplugs are 4.1g, which is enough to bring a comfortable wearing experience, while the total weight (a pair of earbuds + charging box) is only 42g and easy to carry.They fit nicely on your ears, I think it won't loosen easily, so you don't have to worry about losing your headphones. According to many user's feedback, the most worrying about wireless Bluetooth headsets is easy loss.

Redmi AirDots Parameters and Specs

Model: Xiaomi AirDots

Bluetooth version: Bluetooth 5.0

Transmission range: 10 meters

Play music for about 4 hours

Standby time about 150 hours

The charging time of the Xiaomi AirDots is about 1.5 hours and the charging time of the charging box is about 2hours.

Battery capacity: 40mAh

Charging box battery capacity:300mAh

Charging box size: 62 × 40 ×27.2mm

Earphone size: 26.65 × 16.4 ×21.6mm

The net weight of a single bud is about 4.1 grams

Total net weight of the charging box is about 35.4 grams.



Charging box, extra closure earcap, left and right earphones

Bluetooth protocol: HFP/A2DP/HSP/AVRCP

Redmi Airdots Sound quality:

I think this Redmi Bluetooth earbuds has a high-quality stereo audio because I can hear the sound clearly. Sound quality and recording are better than other wireless headphones. People phone calling can hear the others well by using normal volume in noisy places (such as on a bus, in a subway station)! Whether it's appearance, design or wearing comfort, mi Redmi Airdots can meet the needs of users.

Where can I buy Redmi AirDots wireless earbuds?

Xiaomi products are mainly sold in China, so it is difficult to buy them without browsing the web. Fortunately,sellers on Amazon offer Redmi AirDots earbuds for as low as $30.

Of course, GEMWON offers wireless Bluetooth earbuds as low as $11. You can choose something cheaper like the I9s Tws Bluetooth Earbuds Headphone, F10, TWS Q32 Bluetooth earbuds.There are many wireless earbuds similar to Xiaomi airdots to choose from.


Finally: The convenience of Redmi airdots wireless Bluetooth headset is the biggest impression I have. Xiaomi Airdots vs Airpods, if you need to use earbuds to listening songs, videos, and answer calls, then this is the recommended $13.99 Redmi AirDots, which can meet all your needs compared to the expensive price of apple airpods $199.

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The Best Camping Fridges for Car

A car refrigerator is a mobile device used in a car. If you want to buy a car fridge, how to buy the best travel fridge for car? A car refrigerator is a refrigerator that can be carried in a car.

There are mainly two kinds of car refrigerators on the market, one is a semiconductor car refrigerator, the principle is to rely on electronic chip refrigeration; the other is the compressor car refrigerator, the compressor is the traditional technology of the traditional refrigerator, the cooling temperature is -18
to 10.


Part 1: Things to Know Before Buying Car Refrigerator

1. How to judge the performance of the car refrigerator?

The performance of the car refrigerator mainly depends on the cooling temperature and the cooling speed. Taking a home refrigerator as an example: it takes about 20 minutes to cool from 20 to 0; about 2 hours from 0 to 10

The car refrigerator with compressor takes 10-15 minutes from 20 to 0, and the electronic semiconductor refrigeration car refrigerator takes about 40 minutes.

2. The design of the car refrigerator

The quality of the refrigerator determines the service life of a refrigerator. The material is better, the longer the life of the car refrigerator. The value of such a refrigerator is also greater.

To measure the quality of the car refrigerator, just open the refrigerator and test the design of the seal. If the seal lacks toughness and is not tight enough, it proves that the seal is not good.

3. Car refrigerator price for sale

Car refrigerators typically range in price from $30 to $200. But different prices mean different values.Normally, you can buy a suitable car refrigerator for about $30. But if you are looking for better quality and design, then you may have to pay more.

When purchasing a car refrigerator, it depends on whether you can accept the price and it is inappropriate definitely to pursue low prices. Low prices have certain advantages in similar products, but cheap refrigerators may bring poor cooling effect. When buying a car fridge freezer, you may need to consider the overall VFM.

4. How much storage do you need?

Although car fridge is a variety of sizes to choose from, the size of an electric cooler is usually smaller than a conventional cooler. If you have been browsing reviews online, you may have seen the car coolers reach dozens of sizes! So what size car refrigerator do you need? 10L cooler or a small fridge?

Part 2: Questions & Tips of Using an In-car Refrigerator

Auto refrigerator maintenance

1. Keep the refrigerator is clean. Do not scratch the inner wall with sharp things, try to avoid hard objects colliding with the inner wall;

2. Do not wipe the inside of the cabinet with a non-volatile or corrosive liquid;

3. Wipe with a soft cloth and a mild detergent (water or refrigerator-specific cleaner);

4. Do not rinse or soak in the water to clean the auto refrigerator box.

What is the best camping fridge?

If you want to get a discount, 12V car refrigerator car dual-use refrigerator is your best choice. We believe this is the best car refrigerator because it meets all the advantage we mentioned when looking for a 12-volt car refrigerator.

Considering its cooling capacity, storage capacity, durability,insulation, power usage and price, it is the most affordable.

Where can I buy a 12-volt fridge for van?

It is now easy to find a 12v refrigerator, as off-road and outdoor climbing are becoming more popular. You can buy car cooler online stores like GEMWON, Walmart. They are also available online on Amazon and eBay.

Should I buy a 12-volt car refrigerator?

It can more efficient for your outdoor cooking. It can be kept cold fora long time, which means it save energy. Simple operation and use make it easy to load or unload food. Its small exterior and on-board cigarette lighter allow you to have a heating and cooling refrigerator anytime, anywhere.


Using car cooler

1. Use on the car and access the cigarette lighter.

2. When converting the cooling function from the heating function, it is recommended to turn off the power supply and start the car refrigerator after 5minutes.

3. Please always keep the vents and cooling holes of the car refrigerator.

4. Keep away from the heat source when using the car refrigerator.

5. When cleaning the car refrigerator, please turn off all power, please do not use corrosive detergent to clean the refrigerator.


With the development of technology, the car refrigerator realized the function of freezing. The ability to complete a frozen car refrigerator, the temperature range of refrigeration is naturally able to store a wider variety of foods, such as ice cream, seafood, meat and drugs and so on. Therefore, the current car refrigerator is not only a car electronic, but also represents the consumption, travel, and quality of life better.

A portable refrigerator will be an important addition to your car because it solves many common problems, especially food storage. If you want to enjoy a refreshing drink and fresh food in the wild or camping, buy the 12-volt best car refrigerator.

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The Best Car Interior Accessories for your Car 2019

In the hot summer days, as long as you have the best car accessories 2019, not only can the car look bright and new, but also reduce the temperature inside the car. For example, car seat cushions, car sunshades, car refrigerators, etc.


1. Car seat cushion

Why do we choose a car seat?

Driving in the summer is very hot, many people will sweat more. Therefore, the choice of car seat cushion replacement is to protect the seat, to ensure that the seat surface is not scratched and to maintain the cleanliness of the seat. In summer, the seat cushion can play a role in relieving the heat of the seat to ensure the comfort of the ride.


How to buy economy auto seat cushion:

1) Look at the price of car seat cushions. The cushions with a general price of $40~$60 are enough to use. It is best not to buy low-cost cushions.

2) Look at the car seat cushion workmanship, the work cushion with better workmanship generally has the characteristics of compact knitting, flat surface and exquisite pattern.

3) Auto seat design style, it is best to choose special car seat cushions, if it is a general seat cushion, also pay attention to choose the kind of suitable for your height.

4) Considering the friction of the car seat cushion, greater surface friction will be safer when the car brakes.

5) If you have a baby at home, it is even more indispensable to buy a child car seat,which will make your child more comfortable and safer on the road.

2. Car sunshade

The car sunshade combines the functions of sunshade. It is mainly to prevent falling leaves, bird droppings or falling dust on the trees. The biggest feature of the car sunshade compared to the car is the addition of an aluminium film that reflects sunlight. After use, the car can drop at least 30 in the hot sun.

Advantages of the car sunshade: full body protection, it is recommended to use for parking from one week to one month.

Disadvantages of the car clothing: unfolding troubles, it is not convenient to use.


How to buy a car sunshade cover?

In this year's automotive accessories market, UV-resistant automotive sunshades are favoured.

1) Appearance: In addition to the previous printing, square, solid colour pattern, the car sunshade market has appeared a lot of cartoon design,pastel series and other fashionable design this year.

2) Cover surface: the traditional anti-UV sunshade is divided into two kinds of lustre and Matt, using high-tech silver plastic reflective insulation fabric, silver coated two-layer PU waterproof coating fabric, the protection performance is far superior to the general insulation product.

3) Performance: In addition to the common manual sunshade, you can choose automatic products. At 10 seconds or within 1 minute you can quickly open the car cover, the operation is very convenient, small size, easy to carry, lightweight and flexible.

4) Heat insulation: After the professional inspection, UV-resistant automotive sunshades can reduce the car temperature of 30-40, UV protection 95%, infrared 90%, sunshade insulation 95%.

3. Travel refrigerator for car

Can you choose a car refrigerator to pursue low-cost styles? We know that car smart refrigerators are mainly divided into compressor model refrigerators and semiconductor car refrigerators. Because of the difference in power design and price, in the actual use, the performance of the two-car refrigerator with different cooling principles is also very different. For car refrigerators that use compressor cooling, both refrigerated and frozen effects can be easily obtained.

Choosing a good car refrigerator should not only have the insulation function, but also the ability to cool at low temperatures, so that it can store delicate snacks and urgently medicines for the elderly and children in traveling.

If you are planning an exquisite family BBQ, then using a car refrigerator to prepare and preserve delicious and fresh ingredients should be very exciting.


Which type of car travel refrigerator is right for you?

Car Lunch Boxes:

Advantages: no power consumption, safety and environmental protection

Disadvantages: short holding time, inconvenient to use

Scope of application: short-term insulation requirements, such as take-away delivery, self-driving picnic, medical preservation, etc.

Price: $15-60

Semiconductor Car Refrigerator:

Advantages: environmental protection, no pollution, low power consumption, no noise

Disadvantages: poor cooling capacity and small storage

Scope of application: low refrigeration requirements, carrying less food, suitable for ordinary cars, most consumers

Price: $20-130

Compressor Car Refrigerator:

Advantages: strong refrigeration capacity, large volume, easy to use,not easy to damage

Disadvantages: 12v compressor fridge large size and weight, high cost

Scope of application: high refrigeration requirements, more carrying items, suitable for big cars

Price: $200 or more

4. Car charger

Is it really irritating to drive out and the phone battery run out? In fact, you can also charge your phone in the car, you only need a smart car charger. A wireless charger with car bracket can easily regulate the current of the car and protect the battery of the smart device. The car charger must be an essential car accessory.


5. Car driving recorder

With the advancement of camera technology and the reduction in price and size, installing a cam video recorder may be a smart choice for drivers.


The 1080p HD Car Driving Recorder offers wide-angle coverage and night vision capabilities. It has a 2-inch LCD screen that allows you to view material and store video on a Micro SD card. Built-in GPS for speed and position encoding so you can find specific shots.

Even if you have never had an accident, you may catch something that will make your driving more secure.

6. Tire pressure tools

Tires are one of the most important and easy to neglected parts of a car. Tires that do not have enough air wear out quickly, which is likely to cause unsafe driving. Many new cars are equipped with tire pressure monitors. The sensor is screwed into the stem cover of each tire; the receiver inserted into the cigarette lighter displays the current PSI of each cigarette lighter, making it easy to maintain proper tire maintenance.


Summer is the golden time for everyone to travel with their children. On the one hand, the weather is sunny and suitable for play. On the other hand,the scenery in this season is the most beautiful.

The Bottom Line:

Driving by car is the best way to travel. Choosing the essential car accessories for new car will leave you with no worries. Need more car accessories wholesale, you can visit the car accessories online store GEMWON.

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How to Best Buy Child Camera for 2019

At the end of a busy job, you want to spend time with your child. If your child is curious about photography.How do you help your child start a photography journey? Maybe you need a best camera for kids in 2019.


There is a slight delay in the electronic viewfinder and the auto focusing of the camera seems to take ever so slightly longer and harder to find the subject with fast unpredictable motion. (e.g. children)

Choosing the best camera for your child is an important step in your child's photography journey. Whether you have a boy or a girl, no matter how old your child is. What kind of kid's camera should you buy?

1. Purchase Child Camera

When your child is satisfying with the photos you take with iPhone, you can choose not to spend more money on professional cameras.

Children's Camera – It's not just a toy, it's a digital camera that can be photographed – a different experience for kids.

The most important thing is that you only need to spend the price of a toy, a few dollars can let your child get a digital camera for child photography.

2. Children's Camera Component

The power switch, body, lens,shutter button and viewfinder / LCD display.


3. Camera selection

Image Quality: Depends on the camera's sensor and pixels, in some cameras is determined by the additional light sensor and shooting mode. In general,2" IPS high-definition is enough for children's needs.

Features: Almost all cameras today have an automatic mode, which means no setup is required before shooting. Children don't need more professional photography knowledge to take beautiful photos, which is very happy for them.

Color Appearance: Children's cameras are more important than other professional cameras in terms of shape and color. A children's camera may be a combination of advanced quality and functionality with a fascinating look. Inspire your child's interest in photography with colorful cameras.


Accessories & Packaging: Instructions, data cable, color box packaging,silicone sleeve.

4. How to Use Child Camera for Photography

Blurred photos are common among beginners or kids taking the first photo. This is easy to be frustrating. Howto teach your child use the children's cameras to avoid blurred photos?

4.1 Catch the Camera with Both Hands

One hand is used to secure and stabilize the camera, while the other hand presses the shutter button. The camera's shutter button is on the top of the camera and the child's hand can easily find and press to easily take a photo.

The child camera you choose should be the suitable size to hold it more easily and safely.

4.2 Posture for Holding the Camera

Many times, when your kid hold the camera, it still shakes, causing blurred photos. Children should try to get camera close to the body. It is best to hold the camera while leaning against the elbows on the chest or side of the body.

Through this, it will improve the stability of the camera. A child's camera with a silicone case will make your child more stable when holding the camera and take better pictures.

4.3 Using Other Tools

Especially if the camera is too heavy for children, it takes a lot of time to focus and take the shot.  You can help him with a camera tripod.

GEMWON Child Camera:

This product is easy to operate and carry. The camera toy is lightweight,which is perfect for children hanging around the neck or carry around, record happy moments anytime, anywhere. The camera for kids is extremely cute, perfect size for little hands. It doesn't matter whether it is dropped or water damaged, because of its soft silicone case.



Brand: OEM

Colour: Blue Product

Weight: 0.200 kg

Product size: 10cm x10cm x5cm

Package size: 10cm x10cm x5cm

Display: 2" IPShigh-definition full-view LCD screen

Battery capacity: 450 mAh

Video resolution: 1080*720

Photo resolution: 2560*1080

Product Description:

[Front Rear 8.0 Mp Cameras for Kids] Front rear dual-lens camera, supporting 8MP (3264 x 2448)photography and 1080p video both. Children can easily take some clear images or action videos for each moment.

Life likely reappear the colorful world in child's eyes, without blurry or particle. Expandable memory with micro TF card capacity from 1 GB to 32 GB. The compact size of mini camera makes it easy to carry, more portable.

[Data Transference With 32G SD Card] Kids camera gifts comes with 16G memory card, TF Card reader & USB cable. You don’t need to pay extra costs to finish data transference. Simple accessory is well enough for upload images or video to the computer. Children can save data in time to develop photograph, sorting out the photos well for collection. Connect to computer via a USB cable to transfer photos/videos, or to recharge the camera.

[Fun Camera Effects] This updated photo camera for kids with more fun function will improve kids' creativity. Auto smile focus, customized frame,continuous shooting and timed photography options provide more fun camera function. You can get kids something different, something that would get them away from TV, video games and allow him to be creative.

[Practical and Chargeable] Adopted high-quality material of non-toxic silicone,kids video camera is safe for kids. With protective shockproof Shell action camera become more durable and anti-impact. No worry about accidental skips and falls. Meanwhile, it comes with a lanyard protecting camera away from dropping or hitting kids' feet. Due to built-in rechargeable 3.7V battery, kids can recharge toy camera when its power run out of.

[Self-Learning Tool] Great holiday / birthday / Christmas gifts for kids.This video cameras will be great for digging out kids' potential hobby or letting children discover more interesting things by themselves. Lightweight and compact for kids to carry it anywhere and storage or take it out at any moment.

Tips on Kid Camera for Your Child:

An easy way to put the lanyard into the lanyard hole,

You can use a hard-mini hook to hang the lanyard through the lanyard hole,

which is easier than wearing the lanyard directly.

The meaning of the children's camerais not only to shoot, but as a toy to help children record cute moments to share with friends and permanent collections. Turn on the enthusiasm for exploration and you don't have to buy an expensive camera.


The Bottom Line:

In the Kids Camera Guide, GEMWON cover many best cameras for child photography. If you are going to buy a children's camera, it might be better to discuss with your child. Show them camera, tell them about the camera's features and share your thoughts.

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How to Buy Travel Makeup Mirror with LED Lights

It's not easy to makeup outdoors and in dim light. But portable led mirror can make it easier.

Travel Mirror is very useful. To provide you with the best lighting conditions, the device has an LED bulbs ring around the mirror. It is enough to easy carry and zoom in details. So how to buy a best lighted makeup mirror 2019?


Lighted Travel Makeup Mirror Reviews

Desktop Mirrors: They usually have a base or stand that includes one or more mirrors of different magnifications and can be placed on table.

Tri-fold Mirrors: They have three adjustable reflective surfaces so that you can see on both sides of the face in addition to the front of the face. Most common mirrors only allow you to see your face from the front, but the tri-fold mirror allows you to see your face from multiple angles.

Wall Mounted Mirrors: These are the mirrors that you attach to the wall and they are set up so that you can move the mirror closer to or away from the face.

Travel Makeup Mirror: The compact magnifying travel makeup mirror can be placed in the trunk or pocket. A mirror with lights with LED lights can add light to you anytime, anywhere.

Professional Makeup Mirror with Light

If you look at any travel makeup mirror amazon, you will often see that travel makeup mirror 5x/10x or something similar. Handheld magnified LED mirror for up to 5 times the magnification of tasks like the tweezer eyebrows. At a certain magnification, your face will look distorted and out of focus, you also need to use a regular 1x mirror.


How to Choose the Best Makeup Mirror Magnification

Portable makeup mirror usually has 2 kinds of enlarged specifications. For example:1 X/5X Magnifying Double Sided Makeup Mirror with light.

If you're looking for a space-saving makeup mirror, this mini magnification for makeup mirror might be it. It is not only suitable for your suitcase and even fit into your pocket.One side has a 5X magnifying glass and the other side is a regular mirror.

Using 1x conventional mirror as the basis is also the most common side of makeup. Zooming in 3 to 5 times is usually used for some details of the face.

If you are painting eyebrows or eyeliners, the 5x portable mirror will provide a very useful help for what you are doing. The 5x magnification is just right for our facial details, because we are very close to the mirror and don't need more magnification.


LED Lights and Ordinary Light Bulbs

The bulbs of the beauty mirror with ring lights, which have reasonable brightness, long life and lighter than ordinary bulbs and are environmentally.

We all know that makeup mirror is best for use under natural light. A mirror with LED lights will help you with a mirror that is very similar to the sun light. There are some models of mirror with an LED ring light on the edge, where you can get the perfect lighting conditions.

Lighted Makeup Mirror with USB Port

For convenience, a battery-equipped mirror is easier to carry, but you need to change the battery frequently. And this LED light uses a lithium-ion button battery, which can be reused for battery charging. The charging interface is also a regular mobile phone charging port, you don't need to bring a variety of adapters.


COMPACT MIRROR FOR TRAVEL: Being less than ½ of an inch thick, this excellent dual sided compact mirror allows you to have it anywhere with you.

DOUBLE SIDES MAGNIFYING MIRROR: With its 5x magnifying side, you can see with perfect clarity even the smallest detail that needs to be done or retouched – mouth & eye corners,neck and eyebrows!

PERFECT GIFT FOR EVERYONE: Stylish and luxury appearance is a best gift for yourself or your friends.

HIGH LED QUALITY: Lasting LED light bulbs, won't burn out or diminish, up to 3000 hours. with 12 LED lights closely simulates natural sunlight provide you true-to-life color-correct details.


The small battery also means that a once charge can't use for many days.

These are our best choice for travel mirror with lighted makeup. I hope one of them is satisfy you. The mirror is a best part of the art of make-up. They are suitable for travel and your pocket, so you can take it with you.

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The World Through the Eyes of Children

The eyes are the first window for children to learn the world.

Communicate the things of interest in the child's brain through the camera,

As if the camera is "the heart of the child"! The photo is"children's personality"!

Parents are no longer taking single teaching, but two-way communication.

Take a picture of the world they know!


Kids are Interest in Everything

We should prevent always give them ideas, something like "that is cute"only from our views.

Maintain a high degree of curiosity throughout childhood.

It will reflect on their learning in the future. Such as spontaneity and self-exploration will be greatly enhanced.

Since we want to understand the world in the eyes of child.

It is important on camera choosing.


There are Several Tips on Kids Camera Choosing

1. Solid and waterproof function

As everyone knows, when children are happy, they will bounce and then the camera is thrown away. Another reason is children didn't hold it well, let the camera fall to the floor.

Waterproof function not just using on going to the beach, but also prevent juice and other liquid spills because of inattention in daily life.

2. Easy to operate

Simple operation is the main function we should focus on. Avoid choosing too many buttons and complicated operations on the child camera design.

3. Pixel

For now, pixels are not the big problem of choosing a camera. most of the camera is able to provide enough resolution.  

But still, we can Depend on child ages to choose. If two to three years old,800,000 pixels are enough, the older child will need higher resolution.

4. Strongly prevent shaking

With kids running around and just getting used to handling a camera, shake reduction is a great feature to keep in mind when shopping for a new camera. Anti-shake DSP feature is also important too. You won't want the photos that your child take is blur.

5. Easy to hold

Camera size shouldn't too large or heavy. Once children can't easily hold it.

You will notice is hard for them to take a photo.

The position of the shutter should also be checked, and it needs to be in a position where the child can easily press it.


In addition, the lens position is designed in the middle position, which can prevent the hand from blocking the lens!

The tips I shared are here, I hope to help you choose the right child camera for your child.

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How to Buy a Gaming Laptop 2019

Game enthusiasts choose a computer more inclined to buy the best affordable gaming laptop, you can easily enjoy the game, then what to look for in a gaming laptop? This should be the topic that game players most want to discuss.

Large Screen Size

The screen size is now very good for the gaming laptop. 15.6 inches is the most standard screen size of the gaming notebook. The small screen size is not only not conducive to the viewing of the screen, but also such small size laptop is also weak in hardware performance.


There are already a lot of 17-inch game books this year, thanks to the improvement of form factor and the increase of screen ratio. The 17-inch screen is closer to the look of desktop monitors.

Thick Laptop Body

Gaming laptop online store will emphasize their light weight, thin body,and consider the excellent performance and light weight of the machine. But it takes a price to get light and thin. That the biggest problem is heat dissipation.

In fact, most people do not move or go out to carry the game laptop daily,so there is no need to care about the size and weight of the gaming laptop body. Compared to the thin and light gaming laptop, these big guys have better cooling system, better keyboard and more perfect look.

4K Resolution Laptop Screen

If you want to know what should you buy gaming laptop, you may face a choice of 1080p and 4K resolution on the screen.


Although 4K resolution has a more delicate picture, 1080p can also have a higher DPI. The 1080p screen can get a higher number of game frames when paired with the same graphics card, which is more practical than the ultra-high resolution.

144Hz High Refresh Rate

If placed in a high-end gaming laptop, the 144Hz refresh rate screen is of course the most prefect configuration, but some GTX 1050 Ti games are not necessary to pick 144Hz. Because this level of graphics card in most games, to maintain 1080p and 60fps are relatively reluctant. So, to play the 144Hz screen advantage, you can sacrifice the picture quality to increase the number of game frames.

Core i5 is enough

Due to advertising, many newcomers may think that Core i7 will perform better than i5 in the game, but Intel's eighth-generation high-performance Core i5 mobile processor has the performance of the desktop version of Core i7.

Take the i5-8400H specification as an example, 4 cores 8 threads, 4.2 GHz max turbo frequency, which is enough in most mainstream gaming laptop even with GTX 1070 or above will not be a problem. The number of game frames and screen settings still depends on the graphics card. So instead of choosing Core i7, it is better to use a higher-end graphics card.

Graphics Card Preferred RTX

NVIDIA announced the RTX series of game books at the beginning of this year, bringing ray tracing technology to mobile devices. Now gaming laptop price is reasonable. Most models of RTX 2060 are less than $1300, which is acceptable for mainstream gamers. The gaming laptop best price no need to consider the GTX 1070 Max-Q, 1080 and other graphics card of the previous generation. But for relatively introductory players, the budget is more than$900, then at least should choose GTX 1050 Ti.

Keyboard and TouchPad

When you play a game or shopping online, you will hit laptop keyboard keys, so you will want them to feel comfortable and look great.

For the keyway, we have determined that the typical depth is between 1.5 and 2 mm and any distance close to or exceeding 2 mm is ideal.

If you need a smoother gaming keyboard experience, a better option is to buy a gaming keyboard and gaming controllers, wireless Bluetooth keyboards, and speakers for gaming.

Essentially, gaming keyboards were popular with pro-gamers. The advantage of gaming keyboard offered better tactile and auditory feedback, lasted longer and could correctly recognise many key inputs at once.


Storage: SSD or HDD

For gaming notebooks, it needs the faster the better, which is why many people like SSD, especially new PCIe cards. They provide extremely fast file transfer speeds. The extra speed and faster game load times.


Cooling is Very Important

Players who have purchased or used gaming laptop should be very concerned about this, because now the notebook will have "thermal throttling" on both the processor and the graphics card. The result is that mobo sets its speed lower, so it can generate less heat and cool down. So, if the cooling system is not well, the higher configuration also can't play the hardware performance.

The above is the key point to buy the best gaming laptop 2019. If you have some experience for that you can share it in the comment to help more people to buy a satisfactory computer.

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How to Choose LED Magnifying Glass

For those who need to do complex research, a lighted magnifying glass or illuminated magnifying glass is an essential tool. The lighted magnifying glass best buy reduces eye strain and fatigue, allowing the user to view the details of the object being viewed.


How to Choose the Best Magnifying Glass?

What diopter lens should you choose?

Diopter refers to the curvature of the lens.

As the curvature increases, the light is redirected to fill a larger portion of the observer's retina, which makes the object look larger.

Why do I Need LED Light Magnifying Glass for Reading?

Proper illumination is just as important as magnification, allowing for a good viewing environment. Magnifiers are useless in the dark, so increasing light levels leads to better vision.

Top Types of Magnifying Glass Reviews:

8. Dicfeos Magnifying Glass

Recommended: ☆ ☆ ☆

This lighted magnifying glass necklace can be worn around the neck and provides a necklace-like rope.

It can also be used independently. A small silver bracket is pulled down from the back of the battery compartment and can be used out of the bracket.

Advantages: Large 3.95-inch optical lenses will provide ample view for these complex tasks. It zooms in on the main lens by 2 times and the circular window by 6 times.

It has two energy-saving LED lights located above the bracket and at the bottom of the lens.

Disadvantages: no packaging, no battery


7. 3-layer Folding Led Pocket Magnifying Glass

Recommended: ☆ ☆ ☆

This magnifying glass with light and stand can be folded. When folded, it is compact enough to fit into a pocket and measures 3.74 x 2.75 x 1.57 inches. Its built-in base has a maximum height of 13 inches.

The rectangular lens measures 1.85 by 2 inches. It has a 3x magnification acrylic lens with a crystal-clear quality.

There are 9 LED lights, two on the sides of the lens and five on the top. You can choose to use only side lights or overhead lights.

Advantages: Compact and foldable for easy storage and transport, position the glass and light at perfect height to see your target object.

It comes with a USB cable for charging. Adjustable height and lens angle.

Disadvantages: The relationship between the base and the height causes the bottom to be placed on the table to be unstable.


6. 360-degree Rotating Magnifier

Recommended: ☆ ☆ ☆

This desktop led magnifying glass is equipped with a heavy-duty clip that can be attached to any tabletop. The flexible goose neck arm is fully adjustable up to 15 inches.

The illuminated magnifying glass can be rotated 360 degrees for a perfect viewing angle.

The lens has a magnification of 3 times and a diameter of 3.5 inches. The 16 built-in LED bulb can adjustable brightness for perfect illumination.

Advantages: Flexible goose neck and 360-degree ability to be fixed on any table or bedpost.

16 LED lights, two brightness adjustments.

Disadvantages: Does not include a USB adapter plug. No battery options.


5. Morduedde Multifunctional Magnifier

Recommended: ☆ ☆ ☆

It can be worn on your arm or even on your existing glasses. Or, you can use an adjustable elastic headband for added comfort when worn for extended periods of time.

It includes five lenses with magnifications from 1x to 3.5x and boxes for storage. There are other options for the lens,the magnification is 1.5 to 13 times and the magnification are 2.5 to 5 times.

The headlights have two LED lights to illuminate your target. Both the lamp and the lens can be adjusted, the light passes through 45 degrees and 60 degrees.


Five magnifications are available.

Two adjustable ways to wear and comfortable.

Interchangeable lens.

Disadvantages: For some people it may be too heavy.


4. Brightech Pro 2 in 1

Recommended: ☆ ☆ ☆

This wired electric lighted magnifier is ideal for work anywhere in the home.

The base measures 6 * 11 inches and can reach a maximum height of about 45 inches when stretched. The base and head are made of heavy plastic and the arms and mechanism are metal. The lamp weighs 15.3 pounds and is both stable and durable.

The magnifying lamp's arm, head and neck are rotated for perfect positioning.

The magnifying glass is 4.5 inches in diameter and is made of 3 diopter glass. The magnification is 1.75 times.


Can be used as a desktop or floor zoom light.

Fully adjustable position, color and brightness.

Disadvantages: Higher price and heavier


3. Chest Hanging Magnifying Glass

Recommended: ☆ ☆ ☆

This hands-free illuminating magnifier is ideal for intricate tasks. It has an adjustable lanyard around the neck.Then the magnifying glass is conveniently placed on the chest.

The optical grade lens has a diameter of 4.5 inches and a magnification of 2.5 times. There is also a small double-focus window that can be magnified 4 times.


Light weight and comfortable to wear.

Large 2.5x magnifying glass.

Two bright LED lights.


The bifocal lens area distracts.


2. Fancii Desktop Magnifier

Recommended: ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

This LED pocket magnifying glass can be easily folded too easy to carry.

In addition to being easy to store and portable, you'll realize that it comes with 10 energy-efficient and bright LED bulbs. This means you get precise illumination under all conditions.

It comes with a three-inch magnifying glass to observe beautiful prints.

Advantages: Easy to store and carry, affordable

Disadvantages: The hinge may be easily broken


1. AIXPI Handheld Large Magnifying Glass 12 LED

Recommended: ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

This 30X Handheld Large Magnifying Glass 12 LED Illuminated Lighted Magnifier for Macular Degeneration, Seniors Reading, Soldering, Inspection, Coins, Jewelry, Exploring from Amazon top selling.


30x magnification: powerful to see small fonts.

12 LED lights: See more clearly, protect your eyes, perfect for night reading.

2 AA battery powered:equipped with battery.

Portable: easy to carry.

Disadvantages: Do not use rechargeable battery


You may want to know whereto buy magnifying glass with light. Amazon AIXPI handheld magnifier that is highly recommended for you because it can be used in a variety of scenarios and multiple needs, easy to use and has a good experience.

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How to Use a Beauty Light

Whether it's selfie in daily life, life photography, product shooting or live video shooting, the ring light to be an indispensable device if you want to shoot well. This article summarizes how to lighting setup for beauty videos.

Before setting up a ring light for video, we need to know some of the characteristics of the ring light and choose the ring light that best suits your environment and needs.


About ring light for photography

1. Light source

The light source is the part that determines the effectiveness of the photography light. At present, the mainstream photography lights basically use led as the light source, the LED is divided into led bulbs and larger power led chips, obviously the latter has better performance.

2. The number and power of led

The greater the number of Led, the greater the brightness and power naturally. Therefore, when purchasing LED ring live fill light, you need to pay attention to the number and power of led.

3. Colour adjustment

Colour temperature is also an indicator that must be know when purchasing LED ring live fill light. The photographic light has a dual colour temperature, which can adjust the colour temperature between 3200k-5600k. You can enhance the scope of photography light in photography, just by function adjustment button dimming can be applied to a variety of environmental needs.Whether it is taking photos or makeup.

4. Colour rendering index

Colour rendering index (CRI) refers to the characteristics of different colours when different light sources are illuminated on the same colour object.The higher the colour rendering index, the higher the colour reproduction of the light.

5. Power supply

The photographic light has two power supply modes, one for external battery, which is convenient for outdoor shooting, and the other is for power supply through the adapter, which is usually used during studio shooting.

Some photography lights do not have two power supply modes at the same time, so when using a ring light for video, you should choose according to your needs. Commonly, the power mode of the USB interface,you no need to consider too many interface specifications, only need one adapter can be easily used at anytime and anywhere.

6. Support wireless remote control

The photographic light support wireless remote control is a very practical design. In studio lighting setup for video, multiple lights are usually required to match the lighting. If the camera light supports wireless remote control, the brightness and colour temperature of each camera light can be remotely controlled by the wireless remote controller, which greatly improves the photographer's lighting efficiency.

7. Portability

The portability of your beauty light is related to the type of YouTube video you want to create. Portability is not an important factor if you plan to shoot in studio conditions, but if you want to shoot at different locations every day, portability is something you must consider.

8. Heat dissipation

Many people tend to ignore the heat dissipation performance when purchasing the photographic light. In fact, whether the heat dissipation performance of the photographic light is good is an important factor affecting the service life of the photographic light.

Led will emit a lot of heat when working. If it is not cooled in time, the high temperature will greatly reduce the overall life of the camera. The ring lights from GEMWON are made of ABS material with better heat dissipation performance, and the vent holes are also designed as much as possible.

9. Compatible with a variety of accessories

Photographic lights need to meet different shooting needs and require different photographic accessories. Whether it is compatible with a variety of accessories depends on the design of the ring light. For example, there is a universal base that can be used to fix accessories such as makeup mirrors,mobile phones, and SLR cameras.

10. Choose the big brand

Although there are many brands of photography lamps, the quality is not guaranteed, so it is good to choose a large brands. This ring light is customized with "GEMWON" brand package, sold by "gemwon". Any other seller is fake, no warranty guarantee from us. So please check and choose "GEMWON" ring light from GEMWON MALL.

3-point lighting setup for ring light

The most common lighting setup is called 3-point lighting. This configuration includes a key light, a fill light and a backlight that can also be called a hairlight.

The key light should be three bright and provide plenty of light for your theme.

This fill light eliminates shadows from the main source. Your fill should not be as strong as your key, so although it still eliminates shadows,the fill and key lights match too tightly instead of flat lenses.

The backlight separates the subject from the background. Your backlight may be glare (no diffuse) because it does not create a visible shadow on the main body.


Tips for Better Beauty Lighting

1. In the live broadcast, you can place the phone, camera or camera lens on the interface provided by the ring LED in the direction of 6 o'clock on the front of the character according to the mainstream usage habits. It is so simple and fast.

This flat light can eliminate some of the flaws and texture effects of the face, and it has a simple and direct cosmetic effect. The host can adjust the illumination of the light according to the distance between the seat and the light.

2. An LED light with a concentrating effect is added at the 12 o'clock direction behind the character. It can easily create a layered illuminating effect. The illuminance and illumination area of the light can be adjusted on the lamp head.

3. In order to keep the background from dark to deep, you can continue to add a little atmosphere to the screen. We can add an LED panel light at 2 o'clock behind the character.

The combination of the three lights is still very easy to master. You can choose between two lights or three-lamp combination. You can use multiple lights to add extra points to your live studio.

Frequently Asked Questions – Ring Light

What are the benefits of using a selfie light?

  • Remove all shadows on your face and make your skin look flawless.
  • The white LED will ensure that there are no unwanted yellow or orange tones in the photo.
  • White light gives your photos a natural light looks without having to stand in front of the window and wait for the best light of the day.
  • Ring light highlights your features and removes any pixel or grey areas to provide the highest quality images.

How does Ring light Selfie work?

The Ring light Selfie is a portable ring light that can be installed on any popular mobile device. The brightness can be adjusted using the top button to provide three levels of light.

How is selfie ring light charged?

Each Ring light comes with micro USB cable that plugs into any charging port. A red light on the ring light will indicate when the ring light is charging. It takes only a few hours to fully charge.

What types of phones can I use with Selfie Ring light?

Ring light is designed as a self-timer for iPhone, Samsung and other Android devices. It can also be used on an iPad, tablet and camera, and only needs to be secured with a stand.

How large are ring light?

We have small ring lights for desktop and iPhone and 12-inch ring light, 18-inch and 16, 26, 50-centimeter ring lights for live studio or outdoor shooting for a variety of scenes.


The light won't light up, is it broken?

After receiving the ring light, you may need to charge it with the supplied USB cable before use. When the ring light is charging, the red light will illuminate. Once the ring light is fully charged, the red button can be turned on using the top button. If the red light does not illuminate when the charger is plugged in, or if the light does not illuminate after charging, there is a problem with your product.

This article describes the use of live ring lights to make best lighting for video recording. if you need more information about ring lights, please feel free to contact GEMWON.

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