How to Buy the Best Home Security Cameras

Intelligent security cameras for home suitable for home use, in addition to monitoring functions with most cameras, it also adds remote care, infrared night vision and two-way voice call functions. How do we choose a suitable smart ip camera simple home monitoring?

best home security cameras

As an important part of intelligent security system, smart monitor is an indispensable device in smart home.

Ordinary cameras can record images and videos on the local or hard disk recorder. The smart monitor adds intelligent functions on the basis of ordinary cameras and has more powerful software. It can realize device linkage, motion tracker, human detection, voice intercom, cloud storage and more under the control of mobile phone apps or other methods Functions.

What to look for when buying home security cameras?

There are many types of smart security cameras on the market, and their quality and functions are different. So what aspects should be considered when choosing a smart monitor?


The angle of view is the field of view of the camera, which is mainly determined by the focal length of the lens. There are different focal lengths such as 2.8 mm, 4 mm, and 6 mm. The larger the focal length, the smaller the viewing angle.

Because the concept of focal length is not intuitive for users, smart security camera generally also indicates the viewing angle range and the distance suitable for monitoring.

The larger the viewing angle, the more objects you see at the same distance, and the larger the picture range, but the general picture distortion is more serious, and it is difficult to recognize small objects. The smaller the angle of view, the fewer objects you see, the smaller the picture range,and the stronger the ability to distinguish small objects in the image. So, for the perspective, you should choose according to the scope of you want to monitor.

wireless camera perspective


Resolution refers to the pixel density of the camera, which largely determines the sharpness of the camera.Common smart security camera resolutions are: 480p, 720p, 960p and 1080p. The mainstream products on the market are 720p wireless wifi ip camera and 1080p,both of which have good definition. Of course, 1080p ip camera is better, and the resolution is generally around 1920*1080, which is what we usually call "full HD", and the price will be more expensive.

Different resolutions have different requirements for network and storage space. The higher the resolution, the more storage space the videos recorded in the same time will occupy, and the higher the network transmission requirements for video transmission. The data amount of 720p wireless wifi ip camera is about three times that of 480p.

Security Camera Surveillance Gimbal

The function of the PTZ is to allow the camera to rotate up, down, left and right, so that you can use the camera to view more area. Some PTZ cameras can realize 360-degree rotation,that is, the camera can be rotated to achieve video monitor. The security camera gimbal is more flexible, but it can only monitor one location at a time,so it is not suitable for the area that needs to be monitored around the clock.

security camera gimbal

Storage Method

There are three store ways of smart security camera, there is local storage, local NAS, and cloud storage.

The storage of local storage is the simplest. It only needs to insert a memory card into the camera housing. It does not need to occupy the network bandwidth. The disadvantage is that when the camera is lost, the records will be lost and video transmission is inconvenient.

The local NAS or hard disk video recorder (NVR) is to record the video data of the camera in the same intermediate NAS or hard disk recorder. To occupy the bandwidth of the disk, if loss of the camera will not cause the loss of video, but the NAS or hard disk needs to be added.

Cloud storage uploads the video data of the security camera to the cloud server in real time. It needs to occupy the network bandwidth of the home. At the same time, because of the storage space of the manufacturer's server is limited, cloud storage generally needs to be selected. Its advantage lies in the security of the stored data, even if the camera in the home is lost or the hard disk recorder is damaged, it will not affect the important video data.

Each of the three storage methods has advantages and disadvantages, and most of the intelligent surveillance cameras also support two or more storage methods. Users can choose one or more storage methods according to needs.

security camera data storage

Motion Detection

Motion detection means that the camera can automatically identify the moving objects in the captured image to achieve security alarms and reduce the amount of stored data. At present,mainstream smart security cameras have a motion detection function, and the sensitivity of the motion detection function can be set. In terms of applications such as home monitoring, shop monitoring, and baby care. With some application, it can capture the movement of objects and send alerts to the phone. Achieve monitoring of home security.

motion detection

Night Vision

The night vision capability of the home security camera is generally achieved by the infrared light supplement. At night or when the brightness is dark, the camera cannot receive enough light, so it can turn on the infrared light, because humans cannot see the infrared light, so there is no light pollution.

night vision

The maximum infrared distance is an important parameter index in the case of night vision, which mainly represents how far an object can be seen by the camera at night.

Voice Calls

Smart security cameras generally have a voice call function. You can seethe camera display and sound remotely through the mobile phone APP. At the same time, you can talk to the mobile phone microphone to transmit the voice to your home monitor.


The wireless security camera is small and convenient, no wiring required, and it can work in the network coverage area without being limited by space and layout.

Users only need to set the firmware and related applications, they can check the real-time situation in the home at any time through the mobile phone application, and they can also check the previously recorded videos through playback.

In addition, the wireless ip security cameras can also be connected to smart home systems such as smart doorbell, window magnets, and infrared detectors at home, and the linkage equipment can protect the home's safety in all aspects.

buy home security cameras

There is no doubt that the use of smart surveillance cameras has been expanded. Whether it is used to take care of pets, parents, children at home,etc., buy indoor security cameras can allow you easily implement home monitoring. We will recommend the best smart home camera for you in the next article.

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