The Best Home Gym Equipment 2020
Fri, 13 Nov 2020 06:55:59 GMT

The epidemic of new coronary pneumonia will inevitably change your outdoor exercise plan. If you don't havea barbell in a gym, a swiss ball in a yoga studio, or even how to start exercising at home. We give you some suggestions for your best compact home gym.

Compact Home Walking Machine

Light exercise, small size, no installation

Compared with treadmills, the walking machine occupies a small area, is foldable and easy to store. It is the best choice for small room and is welcomed by many young sports enthusiasts. Generally, the speed of walking machine can reach 6KM/H, and some walking machines also have the function of treadmill, and the speed can reach 10KM/H. However, the carrying capacity of the walking machine is weaker than that of the treadmill.

At present, walking machines are also developing towards intelligence. You can choose walking machines with intelligent speed control functions such as infrared foot sensing and voice remote control, which have more advantages in step calculation and safety in use. Inaddition, we also need to pay attention to materials and shock absorption performance.

Yoga Mat

Yoga lovers, free exercise lovers

On days when you can't go out to exercise, it's a good choice to practice yoga at home or follow the tutorial to practice some training.

You can choose a high-density TPE yoga mat. Its material is an environmentally friendly material containing natural latex. It is recyclable and reusable. It will not cause environmental pollution after being discarded.

It is also light in weight, good inslip resistance, long in-service life, and good in resilience. Yoga mats are skin-friendly products, they must be cleaned according to the instructions to avoid bacterial or virus contamination.

Yoga Ball

The yoga ball is a big ball with very good elasticity. When you are at home, you can lift the yoga ball with both hands and then do squats. Or do upper body swinging movements. A slower speed will make you feel more tired, but will consume more calories. You can find alot of exercise video tutorials about yoga balls on YouTube. You only need to find a few square meters of space at home to complete the whole set of exercises. It is a home exercise equipment that women love very much.

Resistance Rope

When your budget is limited,resistance bands are your best choice for home exercise. They are light, flexible and easy to store. Practice high-leg raises, or something that raisesthe legs back, which can exercise the leg muscles well.

They come in different lengths and resistances and can be used for everything from strength training to aerobics, so they are a wise choice for anyone looking for home fitness equipment for beginners. Grab light, medium and heavy resistance at about $30.

Fascia Gun

Exercise relaxation, deep muscle relaxation

After fitness or exercise, the muscles are too tight and cause soreness. The purpose of the fascia gun is to massage these deep muscles in depth. Through the principle of vibration, force and vibration are transmitted to the deep fascial muscles. Fascia relaxation can effectively comb the myofascial, get stretched, reduce muscle friction, and help joint mobility and muscle ductility.

It is better to choose a price of 150~200USD fascia gun to eliminate fatigue after exercise. Exercise assistance, rehabilitation training should choose 300~400USD fasciagun.

It should be applied to the muscles and avoid near by bones and joints. With proper pressure, pay attention to there bound and stability of the gun body to avoid unnecessary damage. Try to massage across clothes/towels to avoid abrasion and sensitive reactions.

If you are a group fitness enthusiast, you may not be able to maintain the same exercise habits during the epidemic. Or you live in the same apartment with your roommate and train in a small bedroom. You don't need much space for a exercise. The above mentioned the best home exercise equipment for beginners 2020 can help you.

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