How to Choose the Best Dash Cam
Tue, 14 Jul 2020 03:38:04 GMT

You decide to buy a dash cam. There are so many car driving recorders online, how should you choose the best budget dash cam 2020?

1. Price

No matter what you buy, the price is an important factor that determines whether we will buy. The price of dash camera may vary from US$50 to more than US$500, depending on the function you are looking for.Although you may want to spend the least amount of money, this may not always be the best option! But the more expensive it is, it will be better. It is best to find the dash cam for car that the price meets the budget and the function meets the basic needs.

2. Brand

There are many brands of car recorder products, so it is particularly important to choose a well-known and reliable brand. Because they have certain guarantees in terms of quality and service. These brands have also given a high rating after being used by many car owners, and are a product you can trust. Some high-end brands also integrate complex functions such as navigation, traffic detection, voice control, and 24h parking monitoring.

3. Wide Angle Car Video Recorder

In theory, the larger the wide angle of the Car Dash Cam Camera, the more the width of the scene captured. However, as the wide-angle angle of the driving recorder is larger, the distortion of the shooting is also more serious.

4. Video Quality

Whether the video recording provided by the driving recorder is clear enough is the key factor for the availability of there cording. Regarding the image quality of the best dash cams, mainly depends on the resolution of the lens. Driving Video Recorder are mostly 1080P full DH and 1200W pixel cameras. The effects of these shots are already high enough to be used, without having to deliberately pursue too high pixels.

5. Night Vision

Some driving recorder has a poor shooting effect at night, the mosaic and noise are serious, and some are even blurry to be recognized at all. Similar to shooting at night is the change of light in cloudy days, tunnels and roads. The recorded image are too bright or too dark will cause difficulty in identification. Therefore, it is necessary to buy a Car DVR Camera with night vision.

6. Dash Cam with Front and Rear Cameras

The driving recorder camera can be divided into single camera, dual camera and multiple cameras according to the number of cameras. The type of single camera is more common, used to record driving information in front of the car.

The dual camera is also equipped with a camera in the rear of the car. Front 140°high-definition wide-angle camera, rear 120° high-definition camera, dual cameras can record at the same time, storage at the same time, double protection.

Some front and rear dashcam systems allow you to wirelessly connect up to four cameras so that you can view the scene around the car at nearly 360 degrees. This feature is especially useful when someone bumps into your car while parking, or destroys the side of your car at night.

7. Recording Mode

The driving recorder is mostly equipped with a loop recording mode, and the loop recording is performed according to the set time interval. When the SD card is full, it will overwrite recording, leaving only the latest video and video clips set by the owner.

8. Memory Card

The memory card can be said to be one of the most important parts of the Dash Cams. If the MicroSD Card is defective, and the image cannot be written or saved. Levels 2, 4, 6, and 10 represent the minimum write speed in MB, which means that the minimum write speed for type 2 cards is 2 MB, and the minimum guaranteed write speed for type 10 cards is 10 MB.Incompatible memory cards can cause intermittent video playback, incomplete files, and other problems. Generally speaking, at least you need one 32G MicroSD Card for Dash Cams.

The Best Dash Cam Reviews

2019 New 3.7" Car DVR Dual Lens Video Recorder Full HD 1080P

1080p front camera, and the video image has good colour and contrast, and has a good dynamic range at night.

Both the front and rear cameras are recorded in full HD at 30fps, and the front has a particularly wide 170° lens, while the rear is measured at 152°.

Although the price is lower than most cameras, the camera still has the features you expect.Examples automatic detection and recording, and parking mode.

Anker ROAV C2 Pro Dash Cam

The Anker ROAV C2 Pro Dash cam is a well-rounded option that's worth every cent, featuring 1080p resolution footage, a G-Sensor,and excellent night vision capabilities.

THiEYE Dash Cam

If your car's tight on space, this THiEYE dash cam is both a space- and money-saver, with great features like night vision, WDR light technology, and 1080p video recording for those road trips.

You should have some understanding of how to choose a driving recorder. When buying the best dash cam for car, everyone also has a clearer choice. If you have any questions on car accessories, please feel free to leave a message to contact us.

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