How to Purify the Air in Your Home?

Indoor air pollution is very harmful to the body. Frequently staying in a room with not fresh air can cause dizziness, fatigue, chest tightness, irritability, etc., and even lead to disease. Therefore, many people are looking for ways to purify indoor air,especially some new home. So, what is the natural ways to purify air at home?

purify air at home

Howto clean air without chemicals?

Ventilation and purification:Ventilation is the most common treatment, but ventilation does not guarantee the reduction of harmful substances in the air.

Purification of green plants: Many flowers and plants absorb harmful substances, and the functions of transformation, such as spider plant, aloe vera, and tiger-tail orchid can absorb indoor formaldehyde and other pollutants, improve indoor air pollution.Cloves and other bactericidal substances secreted by flowers can Kill some bacteria in the air to make the indoor air clean. However, the adsorption of plants itself is generally as an auxiliary method.

Air Purifier: The air purifier is another effective method for purifying indoor air. It can effectively remove suspended particles in the air, kill viruses and bacteria adsorbed on it, and simultaneously adsorb and decompose toxic and harmful gases in the air to clean. The purpose of purifying the air. The air purifier can purify indoor air by more than 80%. The air purifier does not need to be installed, the price is not expensive and use is simple, and it is widely used in many homes and offices.

Activated carbon: Activated carbon is an internationally recognized adsorption energy hand. The use of activated carbon indoors can remove harmful gases from the air.

Howto keep the indoor air clean?

1. Windy days should close the doors and windows. The wind not only carries a lot of dust, but also a lot of pollen that causes allergies.

2. Place the flannel doll decorations as little as possible. Harmful substance is easy to hide and are not easy to clean.

3. Wipe the furniture with a rag.Frequently wipe the furniture with a rag, especially computer, TV, and other household appliances that are easy to accumulate dust.

4. Plants with dust-proof and detoxifying properties such as lobes and rubber trees can be planted at home.While removing dust, it can maintain the proper air humidity in the room.

keep the indoor air clean

The best way to improve indoor air is to remove the source of pollution and ventilate it with clean outdoor air. Portable air purifiers can help when above methods are inadequate or not feasible.

Air purifier working model:

There are three main principles for air removal in purifiers: filtration, static electricity, and water film.

air purifier working model

Filtration: The advantage is that the purification effect is reliable. The disadvantage is that the HEPA filter used for filtration cannot be reused, which is a consumable material and has a high cost.

Static electricity: the advantage is that there is no need to replace the consumables. The disadvantage is that ozone is inevitably generated during use, and ozone is a pollutant harmful to the human body.

Water film: The advantage is that it is better in humidification. The disadvantage is that the dust removal ability is very limited, and the microbes will adhere to the water film.

Howto buy a filter air purifier?

1. CADR value

The main parameter to be considered for a filtered air purifier is the CADR value. CADR means clean air output rate, which is actually the ability to produce clean air. The bigger the stronger, the international standard is five times per hour in the applicable area.

2. Structure, material and area of the filter

The filter type air purifier needs to removes harmful substances on the filter net to realize air purification, and the area of the filter screen means how much PM2.5 particles can be accommodated, that is the dust holding capacity.

3. Feeling of using

A filtered air purifier is essentially a fan that blows a filter, so there must be noise. However, an best air purifier will reduce the resistance and reduce the noise by rationally designing the air duct and optimizing the filter material.

4. The cost

The main part of the airpurifier, the filter, the price of the filter and the frequency of replacement will determine the cost of future use.

Choosing an air purifier, many types of air purifiers on the market now can purify the air and filter PM2.5. You can consult us before buying, and buy an air purifier with good brand and good quality. GEMWON wholesale the most complete range of air purifiers. All the best sell air purifiers can be purchased here at the most affordable price. GEMWON also provides you with the best consulting services.

choosing an air purifier

To maintain the purity and ventilation of the air in your home, you need to industrious and preventive maintenance. Through above introduction, you have learned some easy ways you can improve indoor air quality. If you are considering a more in-depth home air cleaning device, contact GEMWON immediately and we will do our best to help your home's air be cleaner and safer, breathe easily.

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