Ring Light is Necessary for YouTube Live Steam

When you watch YouTube live, you may wonder what live stream light they are using. Ring lights are great tools for enhancing live stream and photographs. The lights give users the ability to beautifully and symmetrically light their subjects. Some of these lights are large and include stands, others are much smaller and can attach to one's phone. Choosing a suitable ring light for your live stream will improve your live stream and photos.

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What's a Ring Light

A ring light is a simple lighting tool that is commonly used for beauty shots, portraits, live steam and macro photography. It is usually made up of several small bulbs forming a circle or just one circular fluorescent bulb. When used in photography, it creates an attractive catch light on a subject's eyes while emitting even,diffused lighting that helps eliminate shadows. Another great thing is that it adds a bright ring to your subject's eyes. This gives them a special effect that catches a lot of attention. It is usually positioned in front of the subject, with the camera situated in the middle of the ring.

Choosing a Ring Light for Video

Traditionally, ring lights used to come in heavy and bulky setups but recently, they are becoming more and more practical. Before you buy a ring light, you need to consider the factors below:

  • Cost. This is the first factor that comes to your mind when you think of getting a step ahead in your YouTube live by ring lights. Buying a live ring light used to be very expensive in the past and that was the main reason why most photographers having small businesses avoided it. But nowadays, you can get a quality ring light for as low as $10.

  • Aftercare Expenses. When you buy any product, make sure you check the availability of its maintenance parts. In the case of live steam ring lights, checking the price of its replaceable bulbs would be a smart thing to do. Moreover, check the durability and quality of the product and don’t just buy a cheap product with inferior quality. Same thing goes for buying an expensive ring light. However, if you buy at Gemwon you don't need any worry.

  • Material Durability. Don't buy a cheap ring light made of inferior materials like plastics. Such ring lights are not durable and will cost you more in the future.

  • Chromatic Aberration. Some ring lights when used on axis make errors like chromatic aberration appear in the pictures. So, you will have to spend long hours of your useful time on the computer using Photoshop or Light room to rectify such errors. Check the ring light's customer reviews and do some research on the manufacturer before you buy it.

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Ring Light Recommendations

  • Neewer Dimmable 18-inch Ring Light. A ring light with stand for makeup and boasting a large 18 inch diameter, the Neewer dimmable ring live stream light allows for flexibility and ample lighting in capturing subjects. Its 59 inch stand should prove to offer enough height for most use cases. Another great perk of this light is that it has a long cord, meaning one should be able to place it where they need it.It’s praised as great for portraits, videos, and photographing objects for sales-types of shot. This is a high quality professional tool at a reasonable price.

  • Neewer 14-Inch Dimmable Ring Light. While slightly smaller than its 18-inch big brother, this Neewer light boasts a slightly taller stand (61 inches compared to 59 inches), great durability (50,000 hours of LED life), and an international plug meaning that this light will work throughout the world. Another nice bonus is the included travel case. Since this light uses LED it also avoids pitfalls that occur with conventional lighting, such as high heat and high electricity consumption. All in all, this is very comparable to number one on our list, but with just a little bit less light, an excellent model for professionals or serious amateurs.

  • This 6.3 inch LED Ring Light Kit with Triangle Stand.It praised as a high-quality make-up and portrait light. The photos speak for themselves; this light allows one to take great, evenly lit portraits. It includes a bracket to mount onto tripods and stands, meaning that this light can be a good way to save money if you have an extra stand or tripod lying around. While some users had issues, for most, this light proved to be a great, affordable way to light their pics.

gemwon led ring light

To summarize, ring lights are versatile and work for every kind of photography, but they're especially useful for beauty photography. Apart from those three listed, there are a lot live ring light online store and each one offers its own advantages. You may choose your live streaming lighting based on the factors that we listed above.

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