The Best 3D Printer for Beginners
Fri, 14 Aug 2020 03:52:11 GMT

You can use the best 3D printers to create everything from toys to prototypes. Some people are even using 3D printers to produce protective equipment related to the coronavirus pandemic.Nowadays, home 3D printers are gradually appearing in daily life. What are the uses of home 3D printers? How to choose a best budget 3d printer?

What are the benefits of home 3D printers?

1. DIY Home Gadgets

As a 3D printer that combines creativity and technology, it can print a variety of novel and unique household small items. For example, the moon lamp in the bedroom, the shoe rack in the cloakroom, the antique decoration in the study, the vase on the dining table, the hollow fruit plate in the kitchen, and so on. These creative 3D printed household items bring joy to life, greatly improve the quality of life and work, and reduce the cost of living.

2. 3D Printing Custom Gifts

So how to choose the most unique creative gift for relatives, friends or lovers? 3D printing opens up a private customization mode, injecting freshness, technology and individual elements into gift production. In addition, with the characteristics of personalized manufacturing and rapid manufacturing, 3D printers have given a new form of creative gifts "DIY", allowing more you can enjoy best the DIY 3d printer 2020.

3D Printed Moon Lamp

3. Family Creativity Education

As a little helper for children's intellectual development, innovation and practical ability training, 3D printers for children transform imagination into the characteristics of real objects,and create greater imagination space for children's growth. In family activities, parents and children use 3D printers to print toys with different shapes and functions, and experience the fun of technology.

4. 3D Printing Design and Manufacturing Industry

According to a US media report on April 7, in response to the epidemic, the US Air Force's 388th Fighter Wing used 3D printing technology to make N95 masks. They used a synthetic material(nylon, plastic, and carbon fiber) to make masks on a 3D printer. Each mask is composed of 3 independently printed parts, which are the main body of the mask,the inner grid, and the outer cover where the filter material is placed. This N95 mask can be used repeatedly and can be disinfected with alcohol. Although the protective effect of 3D printed masks is not as good as that of traditionally masks, it is also a good choice when supplies are in short supply.

How to Choose a 3D Printer?

Asa new type of smart production tool, it breaks the conventional home DIY concept and advocates a more reasonable and creative smart life and family education mode. So you need to know before buying a 3D printer.

1. What are your needs?

2. What is your budget?

To buy a 3D printer, you first need to understand the working principle of a 3D printer. 3D printing is a process of constructing three-dimensional objects through computer modeling and control, thermal reconstruction or laser molding technology. The currently popular 3D printing technologies mainly include FDM, SLA, DLP, etc.

Among them, the FDM 3D printer is simple to operate, low maintenance cost, non-toxic raw materials, and is widely used in home and office environments. For DLP and SLA 3D printers, the cost of printers and printing materials is relatively high.

What is the Price of a 3D Printer?

The prices of 3D Printer with different printing principles are very different, and their purpose and positioning are also different. If you are a beginner of 3D printers, it is recommended to buy a home 3D printer of 300~500 USD. This type of model is more cost-effective and has a relatively complete functional design, which is enough to meet the printing needs of beginner.

There are some inexpensive 3D printers on the market, but not all of them are good choices. On the one hand,you need to spend time assembling and debugging, and you have higher requirements for operation ability. In addition, print size and performance are usually limited.

Are you looking for the personal first 3D printer? Do you want to get a best budget 3D printer?


Price: US$600

This 3D printer has an acceptable price and can achieve full-size printing. The printing effect is also good. It is one of the representatives of cost-effective 3D printers.


Price: US$499

Printrbot is also a cheap and good-quality 3D printer. Although it needs to be assembled by the user, it supports PLA and ABS materials and has comprehensive functions. Of course, the most important thing is that it is cheap and has good performance.

Solidoodle 4

Price: US$800

Solidoodle 4 is a relatively mid-range 3D printer. It has a complete metal frame for crowdfunding brands and is more safe and secure. In addition, it can also support PLA and ABS dual materials, and the overall printing effect is perfect.

MakerBot Replicator 2

Price: US$3200

MakerBot is the first 3D printer brand to enter the Chinese market. Its appearance design is outstanding and its performance is also very good. It supports PLA and ABS dual materials, and its printing accuracy can reach up to 0.1mm. Of course, its expensive price seems to be temporarily difficult to enter ordinary families, which is one of its shortcomings.

In addition, we have a list of best cheap 3d printers 2020 for beginners. I hope it help you find the best budget 3D printer. Moreover, most of 3D printer can be safely used at home and school. They also enriched their creativity and turned ideas into reality.

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