The Best Airpods Accessories 2019

The novel technology design of airpods has become the latest fashion product. But no matter how perfect the new technology, there will always be some shortcomings. Fortunately, AirPods accessories can improve some of the shortcomings of the appearance and performance. Let's look for the best airpods accessories 2019.

best airpods accessories

1. Airpods Case Cover

The split design of Airpods leads to the need to carry a charging box often when going out. I feel that it is easy to cause scratches on the charging case. So, buying a protective case cover for airpods is the first thing you need to do.

There are two kinds of protective covers, one is that the cover and the bottom are connected and the other is that the cover and the bottom are separated.

This design which inevitably produces a raised shape below.

airpods case cover

However, the separate design of the airpods case cover and the under side is easy to the loss of the cover and the surrounding one is easily contaminated with dust.

Luxury Plating Metal Color Silicone Airpods Case Cover is available in ohotter and is available in gold and silver for you a choice.

The bright colors bring a visual impact to the AirPods of the literary and refreshing style, making your airpods stand out from the crowd.

Airpods Case Cover protects AirPods and AirPods charging box which with an opening at the bottom for charging AirPods. The buckle design is adopted for easy opening and closing. A carabiner clip is also used to secure the AirPods to a backpack, wallet, keychain or other item to reducing the probability that AirPods will be lost outdoor.

2. Airpods Silicone Hooks

Of course, according to my personal situation, whether it is the wired headset or Airpods that comes with the phone, it will face the problem of easy loss. Whether you are on the way to work or in the leisure to forget the existence of earbuds, you need to buy airpods silicone hooks.

It's common to use AirPods sweating and shaking while running, causing wireless earbuds to slip. Buying a silicone hooks airpods accessories for running may be a good choice.

airpods silicone hooks

After using airpods ear hooks, it is more secure and the airpods are more comfortable than the original.

But AirPods hooks have two drawbacks. First, the steps of putting and removing the airpods to the box are cumbersome and you need to save silicone hooks extra. Second, it can't be put into the charging box with AirPods.

If you are unfortunate and your AirPods are lost, how can find AirPods quickly:

1. Open the "Find My iPhone" app on your phone and log in.

2. Locate the AirPods listing. If the dot next to it is green, it means that the Bluetooth connection between AirPods and your phone is not disconnected and is still within a certain range.

3. Click the "Actions" button at the bottom, then select "Play Sound". At this time, your two AirPods will make a"drop" sound, you can find it according to the sound.

4. If you just lost a single bud, you can select "Mute the left ear" or "Mute the right ear."

5. When you find your AirPods, tap or click Stop Playing.

If you open the "Find My iPhone", the dot next to the AirPods listing is grey, indicating that AirPods is off, the battery is exhausted or is out of search range. At this time, you can only see the last known position of AirPods in the app. You can only find it based on the map to a nearby location and you cannot use the "Play Sound" feature.

3. AirPods STRAP

We know that one of the main advantages of AirPods is that they are Bluetooth wireless connection. But when you are in a remote area, the terrain will become very bumpy or you are running. You need some airpods accessories to make sure you don't lose your AirPods.

Whether you put them in your pocket, your neck or backpack, the strap's magnets hold the earbuds together when you're not wearing them. If you have a simple clip design, you can safely fix AirPods, so you don't warry to lose it.

airpods strap

4. Airpods Skin Sticker

This sticker is not protective, but it can make your earbuds more personalized. Airpods is the most fashionable item, so if you want to have a unique design and fashion Airpods, the airpods sticker is your best choice. And it can help you distinguish between the left and right bud easily.

airpods skin sticker

That's it. You spend a lot of for your favourite wireless earbuds- airpods, so you want an accessory to make it work better. All the above apple airpods accessories best buy are some simple and cheap gadgets, but they can give you great help for using airpods.

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