The Best Home Security Cameras Reviews for 2020
Sat, 18 Jan 2020 07:03:03 GMT

Buying a smart camera has become the choice of most people. It is difficult for ordinary consumers to tell the difference between these cameras. How to choose cheap wireless security cameras? This article will provide some tips for choosing a smart security camera.

The Strategy Analytics Smart Home Strategy (SHS) research report analyses the growth rate of smart camera sales and consumer spending by 2023 in the face of falling purchase prices and increased demand for video doorbells.Smart cameras from Wyze, Xiaomi, Kasa Smart, Ring, EZVIZ, Zmodo, and dozens of brands will drive sales.

Part 1: Installing home security cameras DIY?

1. Determine the installation area, so that the installation position of the camera can be determined to achieve the best monitoring effect. The camera is recommended to be installed at a height of 3-5 meters.

2. After selecting the appropriate position, first use the camera bracket to measure the place to be installed, punch holes in the corresponding position or fix it with self-tapping.

3. Fix the camera bracket with self-tapping. Note that it must be fixed firmly, otherwise the camera will be shaken.

4. After the camera bracket is fixed, fix the camera on the bracket, and adjust the camera angle according to the area to be monitored.

5. After the camera is installed, you can start wiring. The camera has a power cable and a signal cable. The power cable is powered by a 12v 2a power supply, and the network camera uses a network cable or WIFI connection.

6. If there is no problem with the camera, power supply, etc., then the camera screen can display.

Steps to connect the security camera to the phone

Step 1: Download the software for controlling the security camera on the mobile phone. Generally, this app is developed by the camera vendor itself.Different brands of cameras have different control apps, so few can be universal.

Step 2: After the camera is plugged in, wait for a while, the camera will issue a voice prompt waiting for connection. At this time, open the mobile phone software and select Smart Online.

Note: When connecting, make sure that the camera and the mobile phone are on the same wireless network, otherwise the connection could not be completed.

Step 3: Follow the software prompts, enter the WIFI password, and connect. When the connection is successful, enter the device password.

Step 4: At this time, you can click the interface, and you can monitor remotely.

Part 2: How to choose home security cameras?

Image Quality

Most home security cameras use H.264. H.265 has advantages in sharpness and video file compression. Video compression efficiency is doubled. The resolution is doubled at the same bandwidth. The same image quality and bandwidth consumption can save 50%, and the recording time in the same storage space increases by 100%.

Night vision function

Even in the dark, you can see if your child is asleep by the camera,instead of worrying about the child waking up multiple times in the middle of the night.

Motion tracker

Movement tracking can detect the animals shape intelligently, and the recognition is more accurate. When AI recognizes that the human silhouette moves, it automatically starts tracking shooting. At the same time, it supports intelligent abnormal sound detection and listens to identify the baby crying and abnormal sound. Keep track of your pet's every move when you're not home.

Cloud storage

Sync important videos to the cloud with one click and save them permanently.

Viewing angle

The larger the viewing angle, the more space at home you can observe.

Call function

By downloading the corresponding APP and connecting to the camera after entering the network, users can easily see the content captured by the camera on the mobile phone. Even if you are not at home, you can view the situation at home in real time. With the functions of panoramic cruise and voice intercom,you can understand the situation at home and maintain good communication.

Xiaomi Xiaobai Smart home camera

The overall shape is streamlined and round, with a white body, smart and intimate. Using SABIC substrate, comfortable feel, equipped with Ø 0.8mm CNC large-scale horn holes, no round corners fine arrangement, and the use of coated glass lenses makes the lens highly transparent and very scratch resistant. Such exquisite design and cute appearance will make you fall in love with it soon!

The reset button is set in a very convenient place. The reset button to the left of the USB interface on the back is more convenient than the reset hole. The right side of the USB port provides a TF card slot, which supports up to 64G.

  • Supports NAS storage, which can transfer historical videos to storage devices such as routers / NAS at home for permanent storage.

You can use voice chat and control Mijia related products to switch on and off. Through highly sensitive dual MIC, you can realize 180° front direction sound identification and steering, and the rotation motor is set to rotate at 90°/s.

  • 360° panoramic monitoring, warming every corner of the home.
  • Voice and video calls, always attentive.
  • It is the best love to be with the family at all times. Xiaobai smart security camera supports two-way voice and video call function. Both parties can open the intercom call of Xiaobai smart camera when using it.
  • Personalized customized monitoring, Xiaobai smart camera can not only ac company you, but also be your personal care keeper.
  • Start Smart Housekeeping Assistant, you can set up care for different corners of the house in different time, whistle guarding the home in all directions.
  • Infrared night vision, Xiaobai smart camera has 10 940nm non-light pollution infrared supplementary lights,use mobile phones to check the situation of your home at night.

Wyze Cam Pan

Wyze Cam is a $ 35 security camera with image quality up to 1080P and videos can be stored on cloud disks. Wyze provides a lot of free cloud storage space. The camera base is a rotatable disk that can rotate in the direction of a person or pet.

wyze has 1080P sensor, night vision function, two-way microphone and speaker, and motion detection function. There is also a Micro SD card that can store recorded videos and two weeks of free video cloud storage.

This compact Wi-Fi security monitor scans the entire room in just three seconds. You can use the Pan Scan feature to adjust settings to automatically scan areas that meet your requirements.

Wyze Cam's motion tracking is also cool. If a child or dog is running in the room, the camera will track all the movements.

The security cameras for home introduced above not only achieves a full-featured and intelligent experience, but also catch your eyes with a cute appearance at once. Their prices are around $ 35, which is definitely the most affordable price and the most valuable to you.

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