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Many beginners in cycling will ask about what equipment to prepare for cycling and what is the role of these equipment? Riding equipment brings more safety and health. How to choose the best bike accessories for beginners is the primary concern of most outdoor enthusiasts, mountaineering and crossing.

1. Cycling Helmet

It can provide protection to the fragile head and is a necessary equipment for cyclists. It can be anti-hitting, prevent branches and leave shitting, divert rain, breathable, speed up.

A helmet with a brim can protect against sun.

Putting a reflective sign on the helmet can prevent accidental collision when riding at night.

The weight on the head should not be too heavy. The helmet is generally made of foamed material and has a smooth shell surface.

The inner lining is the part of the helmet that is in contact with the head, which can improve the wearing comfort and create a cushioning effect when the head is hit.

The lining covers has a large area and good texture, so that it can be firmly bonded to the inside of the helmet.

Wearing a comfortable helmet can greatly reduce the pressure on the rider's head and neck, and maximize the protection effect when subjected to an impact.

It can put the human hair in the helmet, which reduces the wind resistance of the head and helps to increase the riding speed.

2. Cycling Glasses

The role of cycling glasses in blocking ultraviolet radiation is worthy of attention. Most cyclists ride on highways, which reflect sunlight strongly.As a result, cycling glasses can receive more ultraviolet reflection and protect the eyes from injury. In our outdoor cycling journey, it can also protect us from the wind and dust, protect our eyes, and keep our sight in a good state.

How to Choose Cycling Sunglasses in 2020?

Cycling glasses need pay attention to wearing comfort, which is related to its material and size. At the same time, they also pay attention to the choice of lenses. Lenses of different colors and textures have different light transmittance and UV protection effects. If you are exposed to different sunlight during riding, a cycling eyeglass with different color spare lens is a good choice.

3. Cycling Jersey

The colors is brighter and the upper body is firmer. It can speed up and wick away sweat. A riding suit with a bag on the back can hold things. Along-sleeved riding set can prevent the arm from being sunburned. The sweating effect and breath ability of the cycling clothes depends on the fabric.

The price of a cycling jersey is generally more than US$20~30, pay attention to the fabric, sewing and fit effect when buying, too tight or too loose are not suitable.

4. Cycling Gloves

Riding gloves can absorb sweat, non-slip, breathable, protect palms and wrists.

When the bicycle is in a high-speed state, the rider's control of the bicycle depends on the hand. The exquisite workmanship riding gloves all focus on the anti-skid effect. Breathability depends on the material of the glove. The rider often touches the ground with the palm of the hand to make the body land slowly when wrestling.If there are no gloves for shock absorption, it is easy to damage the palm and joints.

Most rider choose gloves to consider the protective materials of the palms, joints, and gloves with padded rings.

Gloves are consumables and are necessary for cycling.

What kind of gloves do cycle enthusiast need?

1. Cycling gloves must fit your hand

2. Wear the gloves and hold the handle of the bicycle and feel the tightness

3. Feel whether you can accept the palm pad

Types of cycling gloves:

Warm cycling gloves: windproof warmth

Full-finger cycling gloves: wearable and flexible

Half-finger cycling gloves: breathable and flexible, the grip feels better

When buying bike riding gloves need attention to palm part whether is thick. Some gloves have a towel material added to the thumb to facilitate the rider from wiping sweat.

5. Bicycle Lighting

Bicycle taillights are a must equipment when riding at night. The role of the tail light is to mention the recognition of your bike, so that the rear vehicle can recognize you.

There are several types of bicycle lights according to different uses:

1. Night Riding

It is suitable for short-distance riding and use in scenes with urban areas and flat roads lighting conditions. This type

bicycle lights do not require particularly high brightness for car lights (about 100-500 lumens).

2.Long-distance Riding

The use of this type of light is usually used in places where the mountain is high and difficult to ride. But it will require greater brightness of the light (generally around 1000 lumens), and for the endurance type of the lamp, there are higher requirements for waterproof and shockproof performance.

3. Warning lights

It including cycling headlights and taillights, and they do not play any role in lighting. They can be used during the day and night, mainly to make you more noticeable in the traffic to prevent being hit, and decoration.

6. Bicycle Repair Tool Set

Maintenance kit: includes special maintenance oil for bicycle, portable pump, tire repair kit, tire removal tool, combination tool, etc. The portable repair screw kit allows you to carry it in your pocket without causing any luggage burden.


Cycling Helmets, gloves and bicycle lights should always be used,because they provide a guarantee for your safe riding. We provide some of the best necessary bike equipment online, and each item has some of the best specifications, so you can safely choose what we recommend. Whether you are looking for riding accessories or simple tools, it can make your riding smoother.

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