The Best Magnifying Glass for Reading

A common magnifying glass is generally composed of a lens and a simple frame. This magnifying glass can be used in well-lit conditions, but it shows its weakness if it is very dark around. At this time, you will definitely need a led magnifying glass for reading.

magnifying glass for reading

The LED light can assist the magnifying glass to bring light sources.When the light is weak, the led magnifier can clearly see the enlarged detail and achieve the perfect combination of illumination & magnification.

How to use magnifying glass with light:

1. Place the handheld led lighted magnifying glass on the object, along the object and slowly move up vertically. After moving to the appropriate magnification, slowly move it horizontally to observe.

(Because the selected mirror should be regarded as the true magnification of the treasure, the edge part will be distorted during the imaging process, and the mirror will form an inverted image slightly away from the identification)

2. Turn on the LED when it is found that not enough light. Enhance the brightness of the observation range.

3. Under the magnifying glass with LED Light, the details of the observations are illuminated, which can make you see more clearly.

30x magnifying glass


  • When using the magnifying glass, first attach the mirror to the identification, slowly and vertically move up to the height suitable for observation, and then slowly move it horizontally to observe.
  • Do not move the glass quickly and frequently during the observation,which may cause dizziness.

What to Look for in a Lighted Magnifying Glass:


Good lighting is clearly the primary consideration.

You need a device that eliminates shadows and can see your target

clearly and brightly. The lighter bulbs magnifying glass have, the brighter the light.


Different magnification may be used in different environments, you can choose the right magnification according to your needs.


Many lighted magnifiers allow you to work hands-free. They are clipped to the table and can be worn around the neck or on the head. But the same, a handheld magnifying glass with light is easier to carry, such as the kitchen, garage,study and bedroom. Keeping a lit magnifying glass solve all your troubles.

Adjustable brightness:

Usually, the brightness of the magnifying glass can be adjusted in several ways. You can adjust the angle of the lens and light. The arm can adjust the angle of the magnifying glass to adjust to the magnification and lighting affects you need.

Traditional magnifiers come in a variety of styles, shapes, sizes and magnifications up to 2 to 15 times. In addition to the basic handheld magnifier, AIXPI magnifying glass can also add lighting LED bulbs and simple switch control.

If you are looking for a multi-function magnifier, then the AIXPI handheld magnifying glass is perfect for reading books, newspapers, magazines,menus and complex repairs.

How to Choose a Magnifier:

Magnifying Glass for Reading:

  • Read, zoom in and view very small words.
  • Easy reading of books, labels, newspapers, magazines.
  • Suitable for expanding financial ledgers and stock quotes.
  • 2x-30x provides a comfortable focal length and a wider field of view for a pleasant reading experience.

Why choose AIXPI Magnifier:

Magnifiers come in a variety of designs and sizes. For example, you can buy large and expensive reading glass at amazon and get portable handheld devices for indoor and outdoor use.

The following will introduce the Amazon AIXPI Magnifying Glass reviews, 30X with Light Handheld and 12 LED Illuminated Lighted.

aixpi magnifier

High Power Magnification: This magnifying glass provide 30X magnification,allowing users with low vision to read text.

LED Magnifying Glass: with 12 pcs LED lights, the magnifying glass also provides extra luminance perfect for night reading, which is particularly helpful for people with macular degeneration or far-sightedness/feyopia.

Easy to Use: Comes completely assembled, just requires 2x AA batteries (not included). Once the batteries are added, the magnifying glass is ready to use led light.

4-inch Polished Acrylic Lens: Magnifies 30x without optical distortion. Optimal to enhance reading and viewing very fine details in books, newspapers, magazines,photographs, maps, electronics, miniatures, jewellery, pill bottles,medications, hobbies, models, and crafts of all kinds.

The perfect gift for the elderly: a magnifying glass for the elderly and kids, ideal for viewing small fonts, prescription drugs, and leisurely reading. It is also a great choice for most types of people with low vision or visual impairment.


Magnification: 30X

Colour: Silver/Black

Material: ABS + double glass lens

Weight: 255g

Large lens diameter: 80mm (3.15inch)

Light source: 12 LED lights

Battery: 2 AA batteries (not included)

Avoid excessive current and LED lights. Please do not use rechargeable batteries.

FAQ for Magnifying Lamps

Is this really 30x larger?

When you use a magnifying glass, the distance between the magnifying glass and books or other can affect the true magnification. It's great magnifying glass for coins. I don't know how to measure the magnification, but it's better than any lighted or reading glass.

Is the lens made of glass or plastic?


Can I not use a battery?

Yes, it will magnify the target... but can't use the light

Is the light bright enough?

Ability to read small prints in some newspapers. This magnifying glass has 12 led bulbs around it that can illuminate your target object in a wide range.

To Sum Up:

You need the best magnifying glass light, because you will definitely need it whether you are in the basement, kitchen, bedroom, repair or reading. AIXPI magnifier lights from GEMWON must be your best choice.

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